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Positive Vibes is always a hotly-anticipated section of our magazine, as it gives us a chance to place a finger on the pulse of all that’s happening in the holistic world. Enjoy our Spring 2021 edition below, which highlights some of the movers and shakers who have inspired us this season.

‘‘She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head, and whispered to her neighbour; ‘Winter is dead.’’’
~ A. A. Milne

Body Intelligence Fuel

Plus Means More

Vitamin D is revealing its secrets, as more and more companies probe how to make better and better supplements. Vitamin D Plus by ITL Health boasts Vitamin D combined with magnesium and Vitamin K2. These two accompaniments combine to ensure “optimal uptake” of the vitamin D. Now that’s science in service of health!


Energy tune up

Pharmanord’s Q10 is, as with all of the pharmaceutical standard supplements that emerge from Pharmanord labs, developed with superior bioavailability and superior care. These little capsules encapsulate the coenzyme Q10, which is an essential component in the energy production activities of every cell in the body.


Proudly potent CBD

Do we want the benefit of the whole hemp plant when taking a CBD oil? We surely do. Dr. Hemp Me is one such full spectrum CBD oil, one of the few “tested, trusted and proven” CBD oils in Ireland, as certified by the Cannabis Trade Association in Europe. At Dr Hemp Me you can get everything from CBD oils and capsules, to CBD pet products and bath bombs!


Human free honey

From hive to honey pot, Lifemel honey’s journey is uninterrupted by human hands or the addition of, well, anything. This is a medicinal honey that has been shown to have a plethora of positive benefits, particularly for the blood; raising red and white blood cells both. Bless those bees!



Designed with the “older adult” in mind, Eskimo Brainsharp fish oil capsules are like a little tune up for the brain, keeping it oiled and functioning as optimally as possible…as we go on ageing. Add to the mix coQ10, vitamin D and omegas 6 and 9, and this product is a well-rounded way to maintain health in the harvest years of life.


Tantalising Treats

Chocolate adventurers

I, for one, am more than thankful– chocolate just keeps getting better and better these days! The Beneficial Chocolate Company are among the many doing awesome things with chocolate. Check out their Seaweed and Lime flavoured bar, or the CBD oil bar. This might just be the best we’ve ever tasted…

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Nutritious nibbles

Charlene was once a busy working mum rustling up her own healthy snacks. Now, she’s Charlene’s Wholesome Pantry, creating healthy bites you can munch “with a cuppa or on the go.” Think Jaffa Cake slices, chocolate almond bites and pecan bites. She’s got vegan, paleo and wheat free options for one and all.

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Vibe High

From aesthetician to maker of high vibrational mists, Ruth Murphy was transformed through partaking in the purification process with Oracle Girl. Ruth’s mists carry a frequency that will purify any space you care for.


Health is wealth

We love health stores. It’s well worth a peek at our feature on page 20. Loop de Loop is one health store that is brimful of positive vibes and positive products for a healthier you. Oh, and ask for Frederika when you drop by – tell her we sent you!

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Uplifting creations

We were recently sent some wonderful jewellery by 7th heaven, and we love it! This is angel-inspired, intention-infused jewellery aimed at uplifting the wearer. The packaging is pretty awesome too. Check out the unique creations of award-winning Irish designer Tahnee Morgan online and read on for more in our interview with her on page 22. Be sure to enter our giveaway, too – click here for all the details.


Believe in your biology

Bruce Lipton was a recent guest during our creative Positive Nights series. We chatted to Bruce about his fascinating work, which is brimful of empowering awareness. Awareness that allows us to activate the actual power in our human nature and biology, to bring more joy, healing, harmony and health to our life and world.


Space for Men

Aloha. We know that men need to gather, to share, to be in the company of men. This summer there is a call out to the men. Retreats will be run by Brian McEvoy, along with a group of expert facilitators, in Aloha House. Boy, do we love Aloha!


Space for Womben

We love the work of Sarah Richardson, always striving to empower and uplift all she touches. Read about Sarah’s story and more at the Namaste Wellness Centre online. Sarah will host a Sacred Rebirth full day experience this April. She is also our workshop guest in the Positive Club at present – click here to learn more.


Wicklow Wishes

Wicklow foodies, take note. Juice Box is a converted horse box selling fresh smoothies, juices and juice shots in the Boatyard, Greystones. Malgudi, meanwhile, is a small vegetarian/vegan café, located just opposite St. Philomena’s school in Bray. These are great spots to try out for a bite or two!


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