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‘The Sweet Spot for a Positive Life’ by Foster Gamble

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In our Spring 2021 issue, Foster Gamble of the THRIVE movement shared with us his insights into living from the still centre, or “sweet spot”, that inspires perfect peace. Enjoy this article below!

The Sweet Spot

…for a Positive Life

by Foster Gamble – Co-Creator, THRIVE Movies and Movement

As a drummer, I called it “the groove.” As an athlete I was always looking to be in “the zone.” As an instructor of the nonviolent martial art of aikido, I trained and taught about centring in the “hara” or “dantien” – the “One Point.” I knew this phenomenon was one of the keys to a successful, enjoyable and positive life, but I had no idea how vast the implications were until I started traveling around the world checking out various inventors, healers and shamans. This was the vetting quest that would ultimately lead to my commitment to create THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes.

The star of our film is The Unified Field. 

It turns out that scientists like Einstein, Bohm, Wheeler, Fuller, Russell and Young came to agree with mystics like the Dalai Lama – that we all live within a boundless sea of energy that creates and connects everything. I got to ask the Dalai Lama in person one day, “what is at your leading-edge? What are you most excited about these days?” He answered, “meeting with Western physicists … because they are finally starting to get it!” 

It turns out that this sea of energy is always in motion, always spiraling in infinite doughnut-shaped vortices – from the smallest Planck Units through the vast clustering of galaxies. 

Every one of those fractal torus forms is centred by stillness. As individual humans, we too are this fundamental pattern. The better we balance our inflow and outflow of energy – physically, emotionally and mentally – the more centred we are, and the more productive and positive we can be. 

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys showed us his discovery that a “phase – conjugation” of sound waves and laser light could be balanced in such a way that the inflow and outflow created a still point. The resonance of this still point could awaken billions of dormant human stem cells that are capable of astounding physical healing. 

Think back to a time you were singing in the shower. All of a sudden, you hit a particular note that resonated beyond all of the others. The surrounding acoustic energy jumped to a new level. Think of a time when you were watching a sunset or sitting in deep meditation, and an unusual level of stillness invited a sense of boundless connection with the cosmos…

At once, you could hear the birds speaking to one another, or the beating of your heart in rhythm with the cycle of your breath. The shamans and breath workers with whom I have visited have repeatedly spoken of relaxing the body, letting the emotions flow freely, focusing the mind, and opening the portal to cosmic consciousness. This process has been a source of profound guidance and deep healing for me.

More than twenty years ago, as my scientific investigations into the geometric nature of energy began to merge with my societal research into covert agendas that stood in the way of humanity thriving, I kept running up against the limitations of my intellect. In frustration, I would often get up from my desk and just go for a walk, take a nap or meditate. I began to realise that if my burning questions were clearly posed, I would very frequently get full-blown answers from these more subtle states of consciousness. I would be shown patterns in dreams that were exactly the next level of the inner shells of a particular element in the periodic table that I was trying to solve. 

A sudden flash whilst walking in the redwoods would show me the connection amongst various banking, media, health and energy schemes. The process filled me with awe and gratitude as I realised its potential. I made a pledge to the universe that in return for showing me what I was ready for, and needed to know, I would collect and cohere the relevant information and get it back out to humanity in as compelling a form as possible. To this day I still always carry a recorder with me and have a pad by my bedside to take notes as they come through the portal of stillness from the Akasha. THRIVE reflects much of this guidance.

Dr. Robert Young teaches in THRIVE II that a conscious and balanced lifestyle is the greatest healer of all. A wise combination of healthy diet, good sleep, sufficient exercise and managed stress will keep our interstitial fluids in the “zone” that balances our acidity with our alkalinity. This supports the electrical communication between the still points at the centre of each blood cell to resonate in harmony with one another, so they can joyously get their job done of supporting our well-being and creativity.

All of these instances of the power of tuning to the still point lead inexorably toward an enhanced experience of love in one’s life. When we are in radiant balance, others are drawn to that vibration. When we are truly still enough to fully listen to the communications from a friend, a lover, a work associate or even a plant or pet, we will experience the placid reality of connectedness. The energy will rise to the next level and they will relish being seen, heard and loved.

The individual human being is an organic version of the Free Energy devices we show in Thrive II – a free energy conduit between the atom and the cosmos, between the Earth and the sun. It is the potential into which we were born, and the calling for which we awaken each day.

The great news is that energetically, we are already the oak that lives in the still point of the acorn. We are exactly where we need to be in our path of unfoldment. We are held and loved by the entirety of existence. In any moment when we are willing to shrug off unnecessary baggage from the past and useless tension about the future, we can consciously manifest our sweet spot in this miraculous adventure and thrive in a positive life.


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