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‘Creativity and This Liminal Space’ by Monica Haughey

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In our Spring 2021 issue, entrepreneur and creativity coach Monica Haughey had some great insights to share about how we can unlock our creativity at this time. Enjoy her article below!

Creativity and This Liminal Space

Ways to Navigate Through Uncertainty

by Monica Haughey

Each day can seem like Groundhog Day, as we are thwarted from engaging in many of the activities we used to engage in. However, it also seems that there are opportunities to adapt and perhaps even grow through them.

We are on a threshold – between our old lives, our comfort zones and some future not yet in clear sight. From the perspective of astrology, we have entered a new era, the much-anticipated Age of Aquarius. This will be around for a while – so we have time!

Whilst many of us have found it challenging working from home, not working, or juggling home and family, some interesting ideas have emerged. Some have discovered talents and strengths in themselves, or their kids, which they hadn’t previously noticed or acknowledged. One friend noticed, through the extra time she was spending home-schooling, that one of her children had a photographic memory and the other loved writing. She wouldn’t have noticed this without this “close in”, less structured time with her children.

I have seen a trend of more co-operation and collaboration emerging among people and families. The Rat Race has disappeared. Going forward, I expect we will see that there is much more to be gained from working together than against each other, especially as we have some serious issues to attend to, such as the environment and managing our resources.

More Time

Whilst we are being ‘restricted’ with lockdown, we also have more time; we are commuting less and spending less time going to places. Many are taking this time to do things they enjoy, whether it be exercise, connecting with themselves, or connecting with others.

In my view, now is the time to re-evaluate our lives and notice what FEELS aligned to who we are. This is the ‘place’ where we will find satisfaction and will be on track with our strengths and values.

More Creativity

Whether it’s writing, baking bread … I have attended online conferences, wine clubs, dances and exercise classes.

Journal. Break the routine in whatever way you like. Just do things differently now and again.

Notice what you love to do and are good at – and do more of it! Have you ever noticed that you spend less time worrying when totally involved in something you love doing? Have you noticed that you are happier inside when you are absorbed in a creative project? Creativity spills over into all areas of my life, bringing renewed vigour and joy where there was perhaps boredom or loss of interest in life.

I see people spending more time on what may have been their hobbies, or long lost hobbies at that; my neighbour, for example, is now selling some of her homemade bread!

Why not make your life your creative project? Turn your dreams into reality and set about designing, calling into being and creating the life you really want to live. Step in to your strengths and potential – this is indeed what we are here to do in the long run.

Impact your Health

If you are more aligned with your purpose and what you love doing, you naturally feel better inside. There is more coherence in your life, and the body responds to this outer alignment with its own inner alignment to health and wellbeing.

May the Creative Powers that be, be with you as you navigate through this time.


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