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It’s all about Balance, Harmony & Eco Luv

by Patrick

From humble beginnings in 2003 to a 3000sq ft warehouse in beautiful West Cork at the start 2008. Lilly’s Eco Clean is the story of a small environmental company, which never lost the ethos of their initial inception. The growth of the company mirrors the new consciousness in Ireland about health and environmental issues.Lilly’s Eco Clean manufactures and sells a range of high quality cleaning products, which are human, animal and environmentally friendly. The company uses raw materials such as vinegar, vegetable glycerine and natural essential oils that enhance the living space whilst also having powerful anti-septic and antibacterial qualities. Their mission is to have sustainability throughout the company in an inspirational, sustainable and ethical manner.

It was the health implications of using conventional cleaning products that was the spark to launch this funky, fresh and a tad quirky company. The founder of Lilly’s Eco Clean, Lilli Klint, noticed while working as a contract cleaner her health deteriorating. After much research and experimentations with different concoctions she developed a range of household cleaning products that proved very effective as well as extremely pleasant to use: no more sneezing and no more headaches!

Lilly’s Eco Clean wants to empower customers to look beyond the hype and to question often times misleading advertising of the conventional cleaning products, to see we don’t need to use strong, toxic chemicals in our homes to wash away simple dirt.

With Lilly’s current range of cleaning products, Irish consumers can buy locally made, environmentally safe products to restore balance and harmony back into our homes. Lilly’s team firmly believes that it is Eco luv that makes the world go around!

Do go to their website where you can get more info, contact them with questions and locate a stockist in your area.


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