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We Recommend: Health Coach Discussion with CNM

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On Wednesday November 25th at 6 p.m., CNM (The College of Naturopathic Medicine) invites you to tune in to their latest Health Coach panel discussion, talking about a new recognition in the importance of an integrated healthcare system, and how Health Coaching fits in.

Integrative Healthcare seeks to combine the best of Western scientific medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, healing and wellness and is where the patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process.

Join CNM’s panellists and pioneers of this collaborative approach to find out how they view the future of integrated health care:

  • Dr Jasmeen Mehta – MBBS BSc (neuroscience) FSRH DRCOG MRCGP, NHS GP
  • Maria Trindade – CNM Health Coach Course Director
  • Izabella Natrins – Professional Standards and Development Director, UK Health Coach Association
  • Ali Mortimer – Successful Health Coach, founder of Heal Yourself Happy

You can learn more and book your place here.

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