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Autumn 2009 issue OUT NOW!!!

by Patrick


HEART.  An organ, and feeling, we all have.  Have a heart.  The Living Matrix – a movie I watched recently – featured a study that showed our hearts as our first communication with the outside and inside worlds: visible and invisible.  Simply put, your heart, on your behalf, is your link to the quantum field of information, and knows what’s coming before you do.  So, let your heart guide you through our Autumn issue, including features such as Exclusive Interviews with Lynne McTaggart and Bruce Lipton on The Future of Medicine; Patrick Bridgeman’s view on The Meaning of Life; and Davie Philip’s investigation into the greenness of music festivals, including our very own Electric Picnic.  Margaret Brazil gives us a view into the afterlife, Amma hugs the planet, and Cora Carey gets her groove back on a Holistic Holiday.  On the health side, there’s EFT, Qigong and Herbal Medicine.  And nutritional gems from CNM about Genes and weight, and Lucy Hyland on Home Grown health.  So, there you have it, it’s up to you and your heart to explore the rest.  Until next time, enjoy!

Paul Congdon.

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