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By Mary Berkery

We all are attracted to certain colours, fragrances, people, music, even a country or culture. I believe attraction is best explained in terms of vibration. All of life, all matter, emits a vibrational resonance or frequency. Depending on the ‘note’ one resonates with, one is drawn to an equal and complimentary note, in whatever one focuses on. How can we enhance vibrational frequencies to attract and emit beauty, authentic love, and creative flow in life? The following are some of the ways that I have dealt with this question.

Good food
Science is now showing how our cells are drawn to certain foods and repelled by others. Cells literally swim towards alkaline-high vibrational elements after the body’s digestive process. Nutritionists have noted that those same cells treat synthetically made foods as ‘foreign bodies.’ Fresh, raw food has a higher frequency than cooked food and dense animal foods. Eating what your body likes leads to a healthy radiance.

Judge Not
The inner terrorist needs to be disarmed. We are our own worst critic and it then becomes a habit to talk of others in a low vibrational way, like with gossip and critical judgment. When I can accept my own and others limitations and shortcomings with grace, I find myself not only at peace and in love with the world, but able to engender that same quality in others and create security for those whom I come in contact with.

Be Yourself
As the saying goes, ‘Everyone else is taken.’ The Laws of Attraction by Deepak Chopra states, “To be attractive, be authentic.” The wise traditions tell us that attraction first and foremost comes from naturalness. In the process of acting genuinely, things like guilt, shame, and fear fall away and the vulnerability that manifests raises the vibration and creates clear, clean attractions.

Be Flexible
This keeps you ready for adventure and possibility, no matter what shows up. In Matthew 5:5 the disciples are taught: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Those who move with the vicissitudes of life, those who let go of rigid, fixed ideas and those who stay open in their minds have a rich life with all they need.

Be in the Attitude of Gratitude
Be grateful for your life – your friends, family, talents, the beauty of nature, and the experience of special moments. Counting your blessings and what is good in your life raises your vibration more than anything I know. In fact, the process of being grateful manifests a richer experience of life which in turn creates even more to be grateful for. Your body cells feel your gratitude too and function in a more vital way.

Connect Daily to Your Essence
Practise going within. Your essence is fresh, alive and beyond the limitations of the mind. Your essence holds on to nothing negative about yourself or life. When connected to this resource, it dissolves the limited beliefs that we have inherited or garnered from daily news. Nothing is more attractive than someone who can resource from within themselves and who does not put their distress on to another. So daily, take the time to drop deeply into a deeper, richer and awesome you.

Delight in Your Body
Enjoy delicious exercise; deep, loving breaths; and with loving touch such as a massage. Wear clothes and colours that reflect and enhance who you are. Moisten your skin daily with quality certified organic products. Express your physicality with confidence, self-appreciation, in how you walk, dress and take care of your outward presentation. Be you.

Mary Berkery’s next seminar, Come Home to your Beautiful Body, is on Saturday 25th March. Email mary@livingbeauty.ie for details.

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