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Harvest Time – Feng Shui for Autumn Transitions with Amanda Collins

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By Amanda Collins

Feng Shui for gentle autumn transitions

Feng Shui for autumn means a gentle transition from the fire element, the most yang time of year, to the water elements of autumn, the slow, deep and inward energy of the most yin time of year. These elements are symbolic of the forces at work within the universe and, therefore, within our minds and bodies as well as the seasons.

When we consciously align ourselves and our homes with the cycles of nature, we find more harmony and balance in our lives, for there is a rhythm to everything in life. There is a time for turning outwards and growing, and a time for retreating inward and processing – which autumn invites us to do.

In the autumn, nature prepares to shed her leaves and let go of the past. We can reflect that in our homes by clearing clutter. Clutter usually represents things we resist and places we don’t want to put our attention. If you want to welcome good changes into your life in the new season, clear the clutter. Remove piles of laundry, old magazines or junk you hide in your drawers.

Clear your closets. If you have not worn something in a year, get rid of it. Keep only those clothes that you love and that make you feel good. Clothes lose their chi too! Then, rotate your summer clothes and store them away until next year.

Make sure all your clothes for autumn are not just dark colors. Add passion and excitement to your wardrobe and your life with the rich colors of autumn, such as red, yellow and burgundy. These hues possess a stimulating chi and uplift your mood.

As you arrive into autumn, bring warm tones into the house itself by switching some pillows or throws. This will make the home feel welcoming during the next few months. By hanging curtains, you can add a new decorative touch and also insulate the window area. Pay special attention to adding warm colors to your bedroom and bathroom so they don’t feel cold.

In the bathroom, clear out any old medicines or half-empty shampoo bottles. Then, move on to the kitchen, clearing out the pantry, storage and refrigerator. Bring in healthy, local, organic foods (that are in season) to nourish your body.

Make sure there is no stagnant energy in the corners of your home. Plants, artwork and floor lamps can improve the energy in these places, and ensure that it stays gently flowing throughout the year.

Invite the radiant light of the sun inside. Simply, open the curtains and blinds. Sunlight provides many natural health benefits.

Cleansing the energy in your home, and honoring the change of seasons, connects you more deeply to yourself and to the natural world around you. Use a burning stick of sage, or light candles, to encourage any negative energy to burn away. Ring bells or raise your voice in song to invite a fresh flow of healing and inspiration into your home.

Honour all five senses, including smell. Since autumn means being inside more than in summer, use essential oils of lavender or geranium, or other loved scents, to maintain a joyful mood.

All of these actions must be done with a clear intention. Whether you are removing clutter, cleansing energy or adding natural elements, your power of intention is what removes any stagnant energy and replaces it with fresh, supportive, loving energy that can inspire you.

Take practical steps to get your home ready for the yin time of the year. Check the heating system; clean chimneys and fireplaces; check all light bulbs. Warm the bedding and flip mattresses to create more support for sleep.

Finally, go outdoors and feel new life. Take time to explore Mother Nature, and then bring her abundance inside in the form of acorns, pine branches, fresh flowers, stones or crystals. Embrace the new season, breathing it in with gratitude that you are alive to enjoy it.



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