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Our Life as the Dublin Holistic Centre – Bella Barker

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therapies in Ireland Dublin

Staying positive and staying in business

We are a multi-disciplinary venue with over 50 individual holistic businesses working together under the same roof. We care. We try to help our clients using our various trainings. We make mistakes. We have our good days and our bad. We are only human too.

therapies in Ireland Dublin

Sadly one of our founders passed away this year, and although we are tinged with sadness, the support and kindness of everyone here created something more than can ever be expressed. Our clients, our students, our society, we all have challenges to face, but the Dublin Holistic Centre is very lucky to be thriving.

The buzz of South William Street in Dublin bodes well for us, the wide selection of therapists bodes well for us, the standard of our teachers bodes well for us, but in truth: we are worth more as a whole than the sum of our parts.

As a practitioner, you choose this field because you care, because you want to help, and when you multiply that by 50, it is so much more than just a workplace. This year we shared empathy, hugs, kind words, patience, grief and hardship. We became friends.

Of course we must still be accountable, but if you can become more than money, become more than marketing… The DHC works because we became more than just a business.


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