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Take Ten, Gain Peace – Online Mindfulness for the Busy Mind, By Paul Congdon

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Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe

Does your head need some space? Mine certainly does. I’m curious as to where we should centre our thoughts and feelings as we navigate through life? The head doesn’t seem right for decision making, it’s too crowded. And what about the language of feeling, of heart based vibes? Let’s marry the two! I’m a fan of achieving that through guided meditation. I like the structure and the sound and focus created by a soothing voice.

Getsomeheadspace.com is where I began their ‘Take 10’ programme. Spend ten minutes each day, for ten days, in lovely mindfulness. Andy Puddicombe is the man with the headspace plan. He’s spent ten years as a monk and received his ordination in a Tibetan monastery. Take 10 begins with Andy asking you to focus on points of contact as you sit comfortably.

Next, you take note of the feeling of the weight of your body, followed by listening to the sounds around you. Breath is the final point of focus.

There’s a lot going on that requires our attention, so these daily ten minutes are a lovely way to create and maintain peace. You find yourself creating a nice, little cushion of extra time, you feel yourself witnessing your thoughts and letting them drift away.

After Take 10, you can follow up with Take 15 and Take 20. So, step away for a moment, pop your headphones in and train that mind of yours to focus. According to those lovely, science chaps your brain will rewire, you’ll feel more at ease and in a better mood. Sounds good to me.


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