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What Does Your Soul Want You To Know?

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Our winter issue is out now. We are sharing an excerpt from Conversations with the Z’s, Book One, by Lee Harris, which we highly recommend! Check it out… it may just change your life…

What Does Your Soul Want You To Know?

An excerpt from Conversations with the Z’s, Book One by Lee Harris.

By Kate Stuart

“Seeing the world through a multidimensional lens, feeling the world through the multisensory being inside you — that is the purpose of these conversations.”
Lee Harris, Conversations with the Z’s

Lee Harris is a globally acclaimed energy intuitive, transformational teacher and musician. In recent years, he has become well known for his popular monthly Energy Update videos, but he has been in the spiritual field for a long time. Lee first began to perform intuitive readings in his England home in 2004. From there, he gradually built his company, Lee Harris Energy (LHE), into the multi-media worldwide event company and production house it is today. Lee now lives in California and heads a 13-member international team, all of whom are passionate about grounding creative spirituality. Lee offers practical teachings that focus on helping conscious, intuitive and sensitive people to heal and thrive. He is also determined to see people experience impactful and abundant lives, while supporting each other through community. He is a musician and artist who believes deeply in the power of creativity for healing.

Lee has been receiving communication from his guides, the Z’s, for 24 years. His new book Conversations with the Z’s, Book One: The Energetics of the New Human Soul, offers a truly unique way of sharing the Z’s wisdom by channeling in conversation with psychotherapist Dianna Edwards, who describes her work as “listening to hear.” The questions Dianna asks allow for a crystal clear exploration of Lee’s method and a beautifully contemporary way of encountering and absorbing the wisdom transmitted from the Z’s.

We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from the book.

What Does Your Soul Want You to Know?

An excerpt from Conversations with the Z’s, Book One by Lee Harris

Prayer can be a wonderful entry point or gateway for many. The problem is if they don’t go beyond it, and if they don’t go beyond it, for many it can get confined to their souls. In fact, it can start to erode their souls if they spend many, many, many, many years thinking that they have to keep praying outside themselves and that they don’t have their own inner connection to spirit.

The other point that you’ve made here is the widespread misconception that you could be bothering angels or energetic beings that you want to contact, or that you are taking up too much of their time. And that is, again, something that all of
you are innocent of. It was simply wired into your consciousness. You were trained into that belief.

We will tell you that time does not exist for us the way it does for you. And we have said this several times through Lee over the years in various recordings, classes, workshops — you have to ask.

If you don’t ask, we often don’t have the ability to step in and help.

If you were distressed, a good friend of yours would love to hear from you and be able to help you; it is the same for us.

However, there is a limit to how much we can actively help when a human has pulled themselves away, back, or down from help. If a human is in what you would call a “contracted state,” we can certainly help energetically and do our best to help lift them or send people, events, phenomena their way that might help them remember the light. But if the human is deeply contracted, we have to wait for that contraction to minimize somewhat before we can get closer. And prayer is actually a good idea if you understand that prayer is not an act of praying to others, but instead connecting to the oneness that you are also a part of. And doing that actively.

We will say this, though: for some of you who find you are struggling to, let’s say, manifest or connect or feel like your life is going in a good way, we will tell you specifically that asking out loud, verbally, or in writing is going to be powerful for you because it is going to shift some of your human self. To hear yourself say these things out loud, to allow these words through your body, it causes a shift. To write these words down and then reflect on them by looking back at them, it causes a shift. And for those of you who are what we might call long-term struggling or suffering, then you need to change some of your patterns. You need to change some of your actual experiences on Earth, as well as to intend and pray for manifestation. So for you, this will be a part of allowing yourself to see, feel, and perceive yourself differently by allowing these words through your body.

Now, some of you will have great emotional reactions when you do this. You may ask the Universe for help. You may ask angelics for help, and it may make you cry. It may make you feel strange. It may make you feel a little light-headed. This is good, by the way. If you notice these kinds of reactions, it means you are detoxing the contracted parts of yourself and allowing parts of yourself to expand. The tears represent remembrance. And so, the more you practice this with your body, the more your body will begin to develop a new, we will call it, energetic muscle memory. You will start to become acclimatized to this way of thinking.

This is why Lee is forever recommending that you write down channeling for yourself, as those of you who have been
around Lee for many years know. As he says: Just sit and write. Ask your higher self or your soul what it wants to tell you today.

You can sit with a piece of paper and write down, “What does my soul,” or, “What does my higher self,” whichever you prefer, “want to tell me today?” And then sit and write the words that come to you. Even if you think you are making it up or it’s just your imagination, that’s OK. You do not have to be having some blinding-light, “donk on the head” experience from God. You might not perceive it that way even if you were.

Receiving channeled messages is quite normal for those who call themselves “channelers.” And the normalcy is the aspect they had to understand and come to accept. So, sit and write these words for yourself: “What does my soul want to tell me today?” or “What does my higher self want to tell me today?” As you write the words that come to you in response, which are loving, supportive, and perhaps surprising to you, emotion happens in the body, and allowing and acknowledging the emotions that come up for you is a part of the process. It is the body recognizing something that it has long been thirsty for or starved of. It may not have known it was starved of this sensation, but it feels so nourished and fed, and perhaps surprised.

This is why we encourage doing channeled writing regularly. Even if you only do it for three minutes a day, it has a profound effect on you. We would advise practicing this act at least three times a week. And the more you practice it, the more you will calibrate to love. You will have created a new energetic muscle memory that includes a loving lightness toward yourself.


Lee Harris is the author of Conversations with the Z’s, Book One and Energy Speaks. A gifted energy intuitive and channeler, he leads a vibrant online community that reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month. His acclaimed online events, members community The Portal, and Top 50 spirituality podcast Impact the World are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving and awakening. Visit him online at leeharrisenergy.com.


Excerpted from the book Conversations with the Z’s, Book One: The Energetics of the New Human Soul. Copyright ©2022 by Lee Harris. Printed with permission from New World Library — newworldlibrary.com.




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