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Touch The Earth

by Alison McEvoy

Our winter issue is out now. Editor Alison McEvoy writes about the power of grounding. Dive on in to find out more…

Touch The Earth

Source Of Healing And Wisdom

by Alison McEvoy

Learning about Grounding is one of those experiences of confirming what we already know deep inside our earthly body. It is a tingling of resonance, no matter how miniscule, that tells us, YES, this is so, and so it is.

Grounding, Grounding

Having been in spiritual ‘circles’ for many years, I heard the term Grounding a long time ago in my late teens. Many, many – oh so many – people told me I was ungrounded. They would describe ungroundedness to me, perhaps out of familiarity (us healing types really need grounding!), but did not have a clear definition of what grounding actually was and how it could be done.

Again, as with so many things we search so long for, the answer was literally right under my nose, my hips, my feet – the earth.

In the case of grounding, science has stepped in to help us ground the concept of Grounding. We can talk about it, find out how to do it and understand the process. Of course, we will never understand it all as the ultimate source of grounding energy is the Great Source of All.

Our Earth Mother

The earth is our mother, one who we never outgrow being held and physically supported by. My son is turning three and it is a workout to carry him up to bed and around the house. I don’t want to give up just yet though because I know how soothing it is, and how much his nervous system needs it, after a busy day. Grounding is something I will be sure to teach him, so that he can have a lifelong connection, no matter where he is in this world, to an abundant source of that same calming and stabilising – the Earth.

Grounding is simply letting our bare skin, any part of the body, be touched and held by the earth, and allows us to feel
something akin to the soothing touch of a human mother’s skin and embrace to a child. That said, it’s also a great way to comfort and remain in touch with your inner child.

The reason for this feeling is the Direct Current of energy (DC) which is the earth’s energy frequency. All of nature, every rock, tree, plant, leaf, droplet of water, etc. runs on DC energy. So too does the human body. The human body requires contact with the earth’s DC energy in order to stay regulated. Being connected this way is a healing experience for the body.

Laura Coniver is an amazing source of information on Grounding. She speaks so eloquently, even in the language of science, about the source, effects and necessity of Grounding.

“We have to be really intentional. We have to think ‘Did I become part of Nature’s Global Electrical Circuit today? Did I plug my conductive body in to receive this source of power and healing?’ And if I haven’t, I’m living disconnected… ungrounded… If we don’t plug in, we can’t expect our bodies to work well over time.”

The Challenge

“Just because you go outside does not mean that you have synced your body up to this beautiful healing pattern…” I have realised, prompted by Laura, that while I am out in nature very often, as a nature lover, I do not always touch the natural world I am walking by or observing. Thus, I’m not actually grounding on these walks. I have now started to take time at the end of my walk to hold a leaf from a tree between my hands, or sit beneath a tree a while (if you are wearing synthetic clothing this doesn’t work, so reach out a palm and touch the tree trunk while you are there!).

The Carnegie Curve

This is “an electrical healing offering that allows the body to go into a healing state”, given off by nature, in a curve which peaks at 7am and is at its lowest at 7pm daily.

Touching the earth allows us to connect our energy circuit to Nature’s rhythm. This is hugely important as Nature’s rhythm includes the time of day and the season we are in. Connecting your body to the earth means your body is receiving this information daily and can tune in with it – giving you a more regular sleeping pattern and enabling you to feel the hallmark of the season (to slow down in winter, awaken in spring and feel energised in summer, etc).

“[The Carnegie Curve] informs the life growing on this planet what the healthy patterns are, what season we are in, when to rest and when to be active… It orients you and your body to a vibrant, healthy life on this earth.”

Laura and Clint Ober, a closer-to-home grounding guru, are full of ideas and products that will help you ground throughout the winter season. Laura has a great free quiz too, entitled ‘How much do you really know about Grounding.’ So, if you’re stuck for something to do on a wintry day, check it out!



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