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Positive News: A School of Friendship, by Elva Carri

by Elva Carri

GirlCrew, Elva Carri

By Elva Carri

Some months ago, I used a dating app to try and find a few new pals. I changed the settings to invite other single girls out there to head out dancing together, “Maybe we’ll meet men out there,” I thought, rather than sitting at home on the couch. I expected a few girls might like the idea. I did not expect I’d have a hundred messages within a day. This happy little adventure quickly evolved into over a thousand women in groups around Ireland who amaze, inspire and teach me things me every day. Sure there’s so many activities I’m exhausted from fun, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

GirlCrew, Elva Carri

Within our private Facebook groups in DublinMeath, Belfast, CorkLimerick, the South East of Ireland, Galway, and now London and New York, we’ve shared stories and troubles and laughed our heads off. And it quickly became not just single women, but all women. Word about the group got out through friends and colleagues and pretty soon there were activities of every kind imaginable planned.

But the most impressive thing has been seeing people jumping to each other’s aid whenever it was needed. I’ve seen girls support each other online, but I’ve also seen people visit other members they didn’t know in hospital, or meet them for a walk and a chat after a hard day. With over 1,000 girls in the Dublin group, I can’t even keep track of the moments that have made me well up anymore. It’s lovely.

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