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Heart Knowing – A Gateway to the Infinite

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By Glenn Sullivan

There are many paths on the spiritual journey to realisation of our true nature and reality. Nearly all paths speak of the importance of listening to and following our hearts. In listening to this inner wisdom, we begin to open to infinite possibilities. Real wisdom is beyond words, it’s a transformation that comes from knowing, we may not be able to explain it to another, but we can feel the truth of our knowing.

The heart is the gateway to the infinite and the divine, the one true self Spirit/God. It is in the continuous surrendering of ego to the heart, so that ego can be fully integrated into the truth of our Being. When we begin to live a life that is heart-based and in the flow of the divine moving through us, our lives become more embodied in love and truth.

On this unfolding journey, my partner and I have spent many years exploring the inner landscapes of the heart, to reveal such wonder and profound depth that we felt called to share our experience with others. Our vision is clear, to create a beautiful and safe environment for people to find their true authentic being and divinity.

At our workshops, we bring people together and support them in diving deep into their heart space through a Sacred Cacao Ceremony. We move into expansion with trance dancing and call in the new with an evening ritual of Firewalking to bring our vision into reality.


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