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Aloha Health – A Hawaiian Healing Art

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The Hawaiian healing art of Lomi Lomi


Lomi Lomi is one of the healing arts practiced by the kahunas of Polynesia. This transformational bodywork was designed to balance and harmonise all aspects of the self through prayer, ritual, chanting, massage and the powerful spirit of Aloha. What brought me to Lomi Lomi 15 years ago was a profound experience of the treatment on a deep, personal level. It was an altered state of awareness and a nurturing of spirit I’d never experienced before and has been the cornerstone of my life ever since.

Lomi lomi uses deep breath, rhythm and long fl owing strokes with the forearm and hands up and down, under and all around the body. It is guided by intuition which comes from the heart. It becomes an interactive dance between giver and receiver based on trust and gentleness, with powerful results.

“The dance of life and breath from the heart, Lomi Lomi is like no other massage”


Often described as “the dance of life and breath from the heart”, Lomi Lomi is like no other massage, it is an experience which overwhelms the mind with sensation, touching a deep core within with the knowingness that we are all interconnected and that the body heals itself with an activation of its own energy, mana. Your body is the home of your subconscious which contains energetic patterns of thought, complexes, belief systems and emotional memory. All this you can access through breath and bodywork. Sometimes it takes bodywork to bring into awareness these patterns and create an abundant fl ow of mana in our bodies and in our lives.


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