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Positive Personality Spring Issue 2016 Sneak Peek : Sarita

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Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita


Renowned Mystic and Tantra master

Sarita is the Mystic Wisdom Headline for the Conscious Concert Ireland 2016 on April 9. Early bird tickets are available until March 30th, 2016. Visit here or here for tickets and more info. 

Interview by Masha Duna

When I first heard of Sarita, I knew I had to meet this Goddess of a woman. Inspired by encouraging stories from people who had the pleasure of meeting her already, I set out on a journey to experience her transmission for myself. Moving as if her whole body was gliding in the ether, Sarita entered the room, smiling at everyone who came to exchange with hearty hugs. Here was a woman who left home at 12 and at 16 hitchhiked her way from Europe to India ending up in Indian mystic Osho’s community for the next 26 years.

Not Questioning the Flow

Sarita’s serendipitous journey, which led her to meet Osho in 1973 when she was just 16 had many ‘coincidences’ as signposts. “At age 13, I met a world-renowned artist who said, ‘Out of all my varied life experiences, I can offer you this one piece of wisdom; go with the flow. Don’t question it, just follow it and go with it.’ Following his advice, I hitchhiked overland to India.”

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