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Autumn Issue Positive Astrology: Power by Andrew Smith

by Admin

Walking The Darkness into Light

Vector vortex magical energy, abstract lines.

By Andrew Smith

Highlights of Autumn’s Cosmic Activity
* Sept 1st Virgoan Solar Eclipse
* Sept 16th P iscean Lunar Eclipse
* Sept 18th L iving the Dream as Saturn squares Neptune
* Sept 22nd Freed Mind as Mercury turns direct
* Oct 1st Libran New Moon
* Oct 23rd What do I believe as Jupiter quincunxes Neptune
* Oct 30th Scorpion New Moon
* No v 24th Test of Power as Jupiter squares Pluto
* No v 30th Sagittarian New Moon

It’s been pretty tough of late. There has been so much positive potential within the new seeds that you have planted and yet it hangs there, just at the back of your awareness, sapping the hope from you, just as the ‘genuine’ helper who professes open generosity, yet cuts off your hand in their hungry eagerness to take your money before they reveal further secrets to help you become more abundant. It’s been all about the lies – whether it is the doctrinal believer who regularly attends ‘worship’ to give homage to divinity and scripture, yet has a handgun in the glove compartment having conveniently forgotten that thoroughly humane principle that killing under any circumstances is not spiritual, or the politician who will tell you anything just to get elected, yet has no intention of implementing their mandate… The list is endless. And it is so, so transparent these days, almost to the point of farcicalness. Yet you continue to accept those lies and the disconnect between rhetoric and reality. Why? Because of the lies that you tell yourself.

In the end, the external reality that surrounds you is merely a reflection of the internal reality that only you know exists. Our consensus reality is also a sum of the individual parts and its disease only reflects the disease that exists within. Yes, it is tough to be an outsider. Yes, it is tough to live simply, honestly, creatively and soulfully when the world you live in offers you a patronising placation of encouragement yet is terrified of what your actualisation of your potential really means for it – death. And why should the world support you when you threaten its very existence – hence the draconian authoritarianism and stark rise in fascism that abounds. Whilst there are those who cyclically pronounce that The System is dying, The System can only exist because of you.

Imagine what it would look like if you lived your dream and ignored the fearmongering and doubting Thomases who are only envious at your having the ‘balls’ to stand up and be you; imagine what our system would be like if we truly lived in accordance with what our spiritual values suggest is ‘right’ to live by – those common sense values – and imagine how healthy you would be if you truly believed that you are valuable and worth it? This is what the darkness has all been about – you. Clearing and healing those darkened voices that have been timeless and ageless. Not banishing them and imprisoning them, but openly acknowledging them, naming them and embracing them. And not just on a three day detox. Daily. Living with them. Walking with them. And in those peak intense moments spotting how the sweet seduction of numbness will not work and has never worked.

Two paths lie ahead. To your right a downward sloping avenue descending into a darkened cave. A place where the shadow of your soul roams freely, tempting you to use your power without awareness and consequence of your actions and where the darkness of your mind is projected onto the blackness and the primal fears of your soul haunt you. To your left, a steep, craggy and difficult upward climb, requiring maturity, dexterity and awareness so that you can consciously channel your energy and efforts into a superhuman drive to reach the heights, where awaits a magnificent panorama. Both will take you about nine months to traverse and the experiences of which will last in your life for another three years and both will help you deal with your sense of what power means. Which you will choose is what you are about to discover.

During this winter the issue of your sense of personal empowerment is brought to the forefront of your awareness in a dynamic manner. Work will be required to either battle forces within you that are hell bent in subjugating your will and further enslaving you to a path of dark ignorance and drama or will eventually, through hard labour, support your climb to funnel the elementalness of your being in overcoming the vicissitudes of life as you use the raw energy and determination of your soul to overcome the encouragement of The System to neglect your power or to use it to put people in their place. Neither path is easy as you feel a massive surge of energy that liberates those issues that lie deep within your soul and the intense images that flood your awareness provoke really powerful emotional responses that can serve to test your convictions, ethics, morality and to liberate you from, or enslave you to, your karma. How you handle your soul-shadow and the collective-shadow is what this nine month transit is about.

Handled delicately, this time offers serious growth concerning the issue of empowerment and of using the power of your soul to grow, overcoming jealousy, manipulation, control and a host of other emotions whose purpose is to bind and trap you to the patterns and scripts that underlie the personal interaction. As you confront the emotions that freely coarse through your veins, you are being called upon to find a path to overcome their destructive possibilities and to raise the level to which you deal with those emotions. Therefore you can expect to deal with themes of bullying, deception, propaganda, petty one-upmanship, being sent to Coventry and the abuse of power. How you deal with them is another matter, but deal with them you will because within you are wings to enable you to fly as opposed to crawl and those wings can be unfurled, as the power that exists within you seeks to find an outlet within you and within your world.

Andrew’s private practice is in Blackrock, South Dublin. Email him on dastroc@gmail.com for further information on consultations, workshops or classes. Join him on Facebook for daily updates.

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