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Spring Issue 2017 Positive Attraction: Three Days from Heaven

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By Dee Wallace

This spring is a time of total change in our attitudes towards the creation process itself. For years, our understanding has been that we are the creators of our own destiny who need to take responsibility for what we want by consciously directing energy towards our goals. That perspective has now morphed into a broader vision that will allow us to manifest the objects of our desires more quickly and simply than ever before. The basic difference is that we will not be directing energy towards what we want. Instead we will:

  •  Get clear about what we want and allow all possibilities and probabilities towards that end.
  • Feel into the knowledge that we are already experiencing the manifestation of our desires.
  • Accept the positive results of this knowing.

It’s done. Complete. And we need to hold the focus on this consistently for three days for things to miraculously turn around for us. Our brains may fight this. It is because our inner child is usually running the show, still operating from old teachings, and still feeling the need to be protected. We need to re-educate our inner child. It’s scared it will not get what it wants. To protect itself, our inner child closes its heart so it can control the hurt. We stifle and repress the joy and expectation of freedom that is needed to complete our desires.

We must consciously be the parent and creator, and let our inner child know that it is safe and we are taking the reins and protecting them by giving them what they really need. When we live like this, consciously and consistently, it literally changes our chemistry: physically, spiritually, emotionally, chemically, cosmically and dimensionally. What we thought was merely a spiritual practice was actually a way to change our chemical makeup, so that the charge going out to the ionosphere to be returned to us was a chemical signal that the universe could respond to: a language and communication through vibration.

When we move into worry (or our inner child does), it literally changes our chemical physiology, which alters the communication to the ionosphere, to the whole universe. That shifts the message we send out. Most of us were taught to work hard and worry and strive. Now we have learned that this state causes the very chemical signal we do not want. What we do want is that knowing, that complete trust and acceptance that all is well. When we choose to know, it changes us chemically toward a higher consciousness state, which allows us to move into even more knowing. It is a divine circle of manifestation. Even more exciting is that when we, as a collective consciousness, live in this state consistently, we actually alter the chemistry in the mass consciousness. We can affect the world in dynamic ways never before experienced. Play with this. Revel in it. Hold it consistently. Focus your energy here for three days or until you feel the shift. Live the experience.

It is a new day. A new time. A new beginning. And it’s all ours. 

Blessings, Dee.

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (e.T., Cujo. The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life of acting.


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