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Positive Nights Presents: Awakening the Feminine Power Inside all of Us!

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Facebook Page| Thursday, September 7th 2017, 7:30pm | Eur 20 / 15 euros concession | Location: The Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2.

This evening we welcome Author Maureen Simon.

It is now time for the feminine to be an honoured, respected and fully integrated in our lives and in all areas of life on the planet. The current state of the world is a reflection of her being amiss. She is not at the table where decisions are being made and she is not valued in day to day life. When she is fully alive we experience more compassion,
collaboration, connection and inclusiveness and peace. If you look around, these are the very qualities missing that are creating disharmony.

The Essential Feminine is an approach and philosophy that guides you to connect with powerful attributes you naturally possess and how to enliven these attributes in your life. After years of research in preparation for writing the book, “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”, I discovered that masculine and feminine attributes live side by side in men and women. Women are predisposed teach and lead with these qualities due to basic biology and socialization. But it is now essential that men and women both claim and own these feminine qualities. When we become aware of our unique attributes and gifts, and of the critical value and influence that they hold in today’s world, our world will become a much more positive, compassionate place to live.

This all begins with us and our personal connection to our Essential Feminine. In this conversation I will share my journey in discovering my connection to The Essential Feminine and specific ways to enliven your personal connection. This powerful awareness will change the way you value yourself live and how you personally live in the world.

We will have refreshing cold pressed juices at the break courtesy of Sisú

Click here to get your tickets or email us at positivenights@gmail.com for more information.

More about Maureen

In Maureen’s own words: “My life’s passion is to guide people to create exciting businesses and lives that reflect their deepest values by supporting them to connect to their natural power. I am the author of Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power, and founder of The Essential Feminine Company an online women’s empowerment company that has provided business and personal development courses to thousands worldwide. I am an American and Irish citizen with more than 25 years of experience in international business consulting and community development, including serving to mediate political conflict in Ireland and Eastern Europe.  I consult, guide, and speak internationally. I am based in Dublin Ireland and London England.”


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