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Sneak Peek – Spirit and the City: Finding Renewal

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Sneak Peek – Spirit and the City: Finding Renewal

This evening, we are excited to share the first two stories from our popular Spirit and the City series. The theme this time around is “renewal.” Contributors were asked to share their thoughts on how the warming energy of the new season inspires feelings of renewal in their own lives. The other four stories can be found in our new Spring issue – pick up a copy today or subscribe to have it delivered right to your door.

Sneak Peek – Spirit and the City: Finding Renewal

Lauren Kelly

Snowdrops are blossoming, cherries are sweetening, air is softening; the beauty of nature is reawakening. Spring, a beautiful reminder of how enchanting change can be. The winter storms of life may have struck your heart, windswept your dreams and drowned the magic of your soul, yet still, here you are, ready to bloom. Flowers can’t grow without rain. Each drop of water deepens a tree’s roots. Allow spring help you to take your time of pain and turn it into your own sense of beauty. Planted deep in the wounds of your winter were seeds, waiting for this magical moment to grow into exquisite flowers. They can cut down all of the stems but that will not stop spring from coming; no adversity will stop you from blossoming. The darkness has passed, the light is coming, it’s time to live your life in full bloom, young wildflower. 


Sneak Peek – Spirit and the City: Finding Renewal

Bob Robinson

It’s hard to talk of spring in a city without seasons. The summer is a saucy tease, and winter is a no-show. I’d like to say back home in Scotland we do weather properly, but honestly the Dublin approach seems far more civilised. I choose to measure spring from the day I don my shorts: a watershed of great significance for me and my knees. On that day I wake from hibernation, my body breathes its first unstifled breath and I become myself again. More than myself – I am connected to the world in a hairy-legged embrace. And when I walk with spring in my step to the sunrise of a fierce-mild morning, when the eyes of every second passerby flit down in puzzled judgement at my glorious shins, I thank God I never moved to warmer climes than Dublin, or I would surely be a nudist by now.

To read the rest of our Spirit and the City stories, pick up a copy of our new Spring issue in your local stockist or subscribe today.

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