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Judith McAdam: Positive Attraction – Building the Momentum of Love

by Judith McAdam

We shared a sneak peek of Judith McAdam’s article, ‘Building the Momentum of Love’ – from our Winter 2018/19 issue –  just before Christmas. Today, we are thrilled to share the article in full. As an accomplished holistic coach and intuitive, Judith shares some amazing advice in this article on how you can manifest true love into your life by building up a sense of positive momentum.

Positive Attraction

Building the momentum of love

by Judith McAdam

Believe it or not, it is possible to deliberately create what you desire in your life. People do it all the time. Life is like a game: there are great advantages in knowing the rules.

Understanding the importance of momentum in this glorious game of life is crucial if you want to positively attract and deliberately create your own reality. Especially if you desire a Lover. If you would like to attract a winter romance to warm the cockles of your heart, or to light a cosy positive fire under your existing relationship, then observing what kind of momentum you are creating is a must.

Anything that is in motion has momentum. This includes your thoughts, words and actions. You are generating many different types of momentum daily. In the case of kindling the fires of love, it is important to recognise what kind of momentum you have underway. Have a look at the following scenarios, then ask yourself: ‘what kind of momentum am I creating around my love life?’

Stop-Start Momentum and Indecision

You feel like a recluse, so you have decided to entertain the idea of a partner. The spark of positive momentum has been ignited. But then the thoughts of exposing yourself on an online dating site curdles your blood and nearly gives you apoplexy. You unceremoniously knock your first positive thought on the head, ceasing the tiny spark of momentum. This is like planting a seed in the ground, then digging it up again, but still expecting the seed to grow.

Negative Momentum

You have been asked out on a date by a new or existing partner. As you get ready, you begin to focus on your slightly protruding belly. Negative momentum is slowly underway. Pulling everything out of the wardrobe, you decide you have nothing to wear. Casting your eyes on your face, you go into a good rant about how you look. Your anxiety and self-disgust have gathered further momentum, until finally you have created so many negative feelings, you talk yourself out of the date entirely. What your subconscious feels, it believes and creates.

Positive Momentum

You really want a healthy relationship. By deciding not to let fear stand in your way, you take a leap of faith. Standing on the balcony of your life, you observe your negative internal chatter. Acknowledging that this is just fear, you comfort that part of you and continue to step forward, even if these steps are tiny. You slowly begin to become aware of all the negative momentum you have been creating. It dawns on you that this is what has kept you blocked in your relationships all these years.

You decide to look for ways of creating positive momentum – you are not completely proficient at playing the game yet but you do know that somehow, positive momentum creates positive attraction and this will eventually lead you to your Lover and a fulfilling relationship. You are now beginning to mindfully play the game of life and in doing so, you are deliberately creating your own reality. Well done!

With love, Judith.

Judith McAdam is an author, theologian, kinesiologist and holistic life coach. She is passionate about helping people to create their own positive reality. We highly recommend her upcoming ‘Deliberately Create Your Own Reality’ workshops taking place this spring and summer – click here to learn all about them.


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