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Sneak Peek: Paying Homage to Ram Dass

by Alison McEvoy

Our Winter 2019/20 issue has officially hit the shelves … and we’re celebrating by sharing a sneak peek from our main feature: a profile of the legendary Ram Dass. In January, we are holding a special screening of his new documentary, ‘Becoming Nobody’, followed by a Q & A session with director Jamie Catto – click here for all the details. To read the full article, just find your nearest Positive Life stockist, or subscribe here to receive a copy direct to your door.

Paying Homage to Ram Dass: Shaper of spiritual consciousness

by Alison McEvoy

‘Becoming Nobody; Everybody’s Busy Becoming Somebody’ stars Ram Dass in interview with director Jamie Catto and is produced by Raghu Markus. Released this year, the film is a homage to Ram Dass’ past and present, mingling historic clips amidst a humorous and deeply engaging conversation held by Jamie and Ram Dass from his home on Maui Island, Hawai’i. 

The making of this movie brings together a stellar behind-the-scenes cast from the spiritual stage. Jamie Catto is creator, producer/director of the multi-award winning global 1 Giant Leap films and albums. Raghu Markus has produced transformational media projects featuring Ram Dass and Deepak Chopra. He is the executive Director of the Love, Serve, Remember Foundation.

Richard Becomes Ram Dass

Ram Dass was told his spiritual name on his first visit to India in 1967. Prior to his fateful encounter with his guru Neem Karoli Baba he was Dr. Richard Alpert, esteemed Harvard psychologist. His passion was in delving into explorations of human consciousness using psychedelics such as LSD. From 1968 onwards, Ram Dass spent time, along with Krishna Das, in company of his guru and pursued an eclectic array of spiritual methods and practices. These initiated him on a mystical journey, deeper into the realms of consciousness and the very source of consciousness itself. Ram Dass’ dedication to spiritual service (seva) led him to open up his learnings and teachings to millions of others and, in the process, he has helped to shape the spiritual perspective of three generations. 

‘Be Here Now’

The aphorism ‘be here now’ is perhaps the most memorable which Ram Dass has given to the spiritual community – the community of those seeking beyond the material world for meaning, joy and inner abundance. In honour of Ram Dass I invite you to be here now with me, as we celebrate and recall the many spiritual promptings that Ram Dass offers as a spiritual guide.

To read the full article, just find your nearest Positive Life stockist, or subscribe here to receive a copy direct to your door.

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