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Divine Feminine Circles: A Conversation With Zoë Daly

by Aisling Cronin

In our brand-new Summer 2021 issue, we were thrilled to speak with Zoë Daly, who will soon be facilitating Sophia Circles: a virtual support network for people who wish to explore Divine Feminine teachings. Learn more below!

Divine Feminine Circles

Embodying the Higher Self

by Aisling Cronin

During this time of profound awakening, there is a great need for spiritual seekers to find support and common ground with one another. Zoë Daly is one soul who is passionate about facilitating a support network for those exploring Divine Feminine teachings. She will do this through her upcoming Sophia Circle Journeys™.

When I spoke to Zoë about the Circles, she explained, “there will be thirteen Sophia Circle sessions in total. The first one begins on June 17th, and they’ll continue every two weeks after that, on Thursday mornings. In each session we will step through a chapter of the Sophia Code™, gaining insights and practices which build a momentum for personal transformation.”

The Sophia Code™, by American author Kaia Ra, is often described as a modern sacred text, which encompasses a variety of teachings from a council of eight Divine Feminine masters. This council is composed of many legendary women, including Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, White Buffalo Woman, Green Tara, Isis and Hathor.

“The way I describe this book is, it’s a manual for embodying your Higher Self,” Zoë shared with me. “It is a living transmission: not something that you read once and never think about again, but something that continually calls you back. What I love about the teachings, though, is that they’re all so grounded. All of these Divine Feminine masters actually walked on the Earth, so the book is about applying their wisdom to everyday life.”

“The intention of the Sophia Circles is to create a supportive network of people with whom you can journey as a community. My hope is to create a space where the power of the group gives each participant the opportunity to grow and transform.”

For more information, and to book your place, contact Zoë at sophiacirclesireland@gmail.com or 085 261 1497.

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