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Gifts From the Devastation: What Cancer Taught Me About Life

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In our Summer 2021 issue, Celine O’Donovan provided us with a truly moving and powerful account of her journey with cancer, and what it taught her. She has since written a book about her experiences. Learn more below!

Gifts From the Devastation

What Cancer Taught Me About Life

by Celine O’Donovan

A car accident in 2014 stopped me in my tracks for a month. At the time, I knew it was a warning sign as I had been feeling burnt out for a couple of years. It dawned on me that I had lost my joy for life and my work. Then came my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2016.

Ultimately, I have cancer to thank. It ended up being the wake-up call I needed to start afresh. Once I got over the shock, the overwhelming emotion I felt was relief – I could stop and breathe. Although it was an extremely difficult experience, I knew it had happened for a reason. I needed to change my life.

Alongside my career in marketing, I had pursued my lifelong interest in all things holistic. I loved this aspect of my life but struggled to see how I might make a living that called upon all of my experience, passions and my desire to be the master of my own destiny.

Transitioning back into life afterwards was difficult. I felt lost. Thankfully, I was nudged to write about my experience by a friend. It started as a journal; a way of processing things… Soon, it turned into a book. I hope my story reminds people that although pain inevitably accompanies growth, life is always trying to help us grow into the fullest version of ourselves. I believe that life is always happening for us, not to us. We are not just helpless victims of life. We really are powerful creators.

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