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Pesto and Tapenade Delight: Genovese Foods’ Vegan Range

by Aisling Cronin

Genovese Foods, producers of amazing pestos and tapenades, have released an entirely plant-based range called Veggie Earth. In our Summer 2021 issue, we had a chance to learn all about it! Read on for all the details.

Pesto and Tapenade Delight

We love this plant-based range

by Aisling Cronin

If you’re looking for a truly nutritious, tasty pesto or tapenade, we highly recommend Genovese Foods’ new plant-based range, Veggie Earth.

Genovese Foods are a specialist gourmet company that produces high quality, award-winning products, with no scary additives in sight. The company uses small batch production and minimal processing to enhance their products’ flavours and give them a longer shelf life, even when opened.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the primary ingredient used in these products, and they source it directly from a small family estate in Portugal. This ensures that the oil they use is a truly gourmet ingredient of exceptional quality, while also allowing the farmer to achieve a fair price for his product. We love to hear about small businesses supporting one another!

“This wonderful oil is fresh and fruity, and was pivotal to us winning six awards last year,” says Gill Toal, managing director of Genovese Foods. “This single farm, single variety cold pressed gourmet olive oil is now available to buy only from our website.”

Basil is the primary herb used throughout the Veggie Earth range, but it is difficult to grow through conventional methods here in Ireland. Gill shares: “Typically, most basil used in catering is imported, and travels many thousands of miles before reaching our shores.”

Here, too, Genovese Foods has found an innovative solution in the form of hydroponic farming: an eco-friendly alternative to conventional agriculture, which allows the company to buy fresh home-grown basil all year round. This level of dedication and care is evident in the delicious taste of this Veggie Earth range. We can’t get enough!



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