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Liposome Power: One Man’s Healing Journey

by Aisling Cronin

Our new Summer 2021 issue featured a fascinating conversation with Ryszard Porebski. Ryszard had an amazing story to tell about how liposomal vitamins helped him to heal from the aftermath of a devastating paragliding accident. As a direct result of this experience, he was led to create his business, Sunshine Liposomes by POREBSKI Liposomes. Learn more below!

Liposome Power

One man’s healing journey

by Aisling Cronin

From the crucible of pain, deep healing can be achieved. This was the primary impression I was left with after a recent conversation with Ryszard Porebski, founder of POREBSKI Liposomes.

Ryszard first became interested in the health-boosting potential of liposomal vitamins after going through a very difficult paragliding accident in 2007. ‘I broke my leg below the knee, and both bones were completely shattered,’ he said. ‘My leg ended up being shortened by seven centimetres, as surgeons found that so much of the bone had been shattered, they were unable to save it.’

At that time, Ryszard was told that he would never again be able to walk without crutches: a devastating blow for a man who had been an avid mountain climber, diver, sailing instructor, swimmer and paraglider. Doctors also told him that he was at risk of losing his leg entirely, and would have to be placed on medication for the rest of his life.

‘I tried to follow all of the medical advice I was given for two years,’ Ryszard continued. ‘I went through many different surgeries: muscle grafts, skin grafts, bone grafts … all kinds of things were done to try and restore the function of my leg. Doctors tried hard to restore a stable connection between my bones, but even with all their efforts, after almost three years, my leg still didn’t work and I was in a lot of pain.’

Ryszard’s mother – who was a doctor in Poland – expressed concern over the amount of antibiotics that were being prescribed to her son, as she could see that they were having a detrimental impact on his immune system. She recommended that he look into the health-promoting effects of vitamins and minerals.

Ryszard began to explore liposomal encapsulation technology (which involves placing vitamins into protective bubbles called liposomes, to ensure more efficient absorption into the body). He began to take these vitamins, and soon noticed that his pain was easing. The vitamins were helping him to restore his immune system and ward off a persistent bone infection in his leg. Two years later, after another few operations and a long bone reconstruction process, he got his life back.

He initially created liposomal vitamin products for his own personal use, but it wasn’t long before family and friends began to request them too. Word soon spread, and Ryszard was surprised to find that people he didn’t know were beginning to request his products.

‘One day, a strange man called me up, wanting to buy my products,’ he recalled. ‘He said, my doctor recommended that I buy your vitamins! I was completely confused, but the man told me his doctor had probably gotten them from a friend of mine.’

This was how SunflowerLiposomes by POREBSKI Liposomes came into being: as a business that developed very organically, through word of mouth. Ryszard never intended to set up the business, but he moved in that direction because he was deeply passionate about helping people to improve their health, and making liposomes available for everyone.

Now, Ryszard and his wife Aleksandra produce their goods to a highly professional standard, as they are officially registered by the FSAI (Food Safety Authority Ireland) and and supervised by the HSE (Health Service Executive). Their liposomal products are manufactured in Ireland, under a strict HACCP food safety protocol.

‘The situation I found myself in – the pain, the desperation – led me to find a whole new way of supporting my health,’ Ryszard said, ‘and it is my honour to be able to share that with others now.’


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