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We love interviewing holistic business owners, learning more about what inspires them. One business we were thrilled to highlight in our Summer 2021 issue was Wild Rose Botanicals, creators of some truly amazing, all natural skincare products.

Wild Rose Botanicals

‘Super Seriously Organic’

by Alison McEvoy

After a serendipitous meeting with her now husband Rob, Rachel set off with him down a whirlwind path that led them to become the makers of Wild Rose Botanicals – a set of products that are wildly creative, passionately natural and wholly organic.

Rachel speaks so eloquently, and with a philosophical twist, about her journey. It was “a bit of a whirlwind. A bit of magic…We have free will, we have choice, but if we say yes to things, it sets us off on this path.. That to me is super magical… This little business has brought so much into my life and taught me to really trust the universe.”

Rob came home with a soap mould one evening, and this creative couple taught themselves to make soap for their family. “It felt amazing. I was like a duck to water.” They went from making for their family, to selling at a farmers’ market, to having a pop-up shop, and now, they are proud owners of a shop front from which they sell an amazing array of products for the face, the body and all the family. A strong value system is the foundation of this fragrance-free, handmade-in-small-batches and raw-ingredient-based enterprise: a chemical-free life that is as nature intended it to be – namely, healthy and real.

“We do it for food. We look at the labels. Why don’t we do it for our beauty products? I say to people, look in your beauty cabinet. Read the label and if you don’t understand something, google it. And see – how do you feel about putting whatever it is on your skin or your family’s skin?”


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