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Think Alignment, Uniting Thoughts With Desires

by Judith McAdam

Our Winter 2021/22 issue has just gone to print. In it Judith McAdam talks about listening to your intuition and altering that internal dialogue to open up more possibilities– dive on in for a sneak peek!

Think Alignment

 Uniting Thoughts With Desires

by Judith McAdam


“Your intuition is like your internal navigation system: when you listen, you will get to your destination every time.”

Did you ever listen to your internal chatter? You know what I mean: that non- stop, incessant chit-chat that never really ends. I try to pay particular attention to my internal dialogue, because I know that this inner voice is creating my outer reality all the time. When your thoughts are in conflict with what you want to create, you are blocking yourself from moving forward. For example, over the years I have had many people come to me wanting to create a lover, children and a home. 

When we sit and talk about it, their internal dialogue runs something like this: ‘I’d love to bring someone nice into my life, but I don’t know how that’s going to happen, I go from work to home, and there is no way I’m going on one of those dating sites. Anyway, I could do with losing some weight first!’ And on it goes: that constant dribble that never stops. Basically, we spend more time creating momentum about what we DON’T want instead of unifying our thoughts around what we DO want. As that old saying goes, we want both our thoughts and our desires to sing from the same hymn sheet! Here’s a little exercise you can do today. Observe your thoughts. Listen to your internal chatter. When you hear yourself saying ‘I’d love to, but…’ stop yourself from going any further.

Ask yourself what’s the ‘but’ for, then throw in a new, more positive thought. For example, you say to yourself, ‘I’d love to get that promotion, but they are probably looking for someone who has more experience’. Catch yourself and change the thought. ‘Yes, maybe they are looking for someone with more experience, but I’m actually very good at what I do and they may need someone with more of my skillset.’ Or you might say ‘I’d love to go on that holiday with the girls, but I’d never be able to afford it’. Again, catch yourself and change that thought: ‘F’CK IT, I’m going to go on that holiday. I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet, but I will.’ Using an emphatic word like F’CK IT impresses something different on your mind. Saying ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet, but I will’ opens you up to possibility and allows you to unite with the things you really do want to create in your life.

That’s what I do in my life all the time. If I catch myself saying ‘I can’t’, or ‘but’, I stop, change the thought and open everything up. I also ASK. I ask to be shown. I always say: ‘show me, how I am going to do that?’ Then the trick is to listen to my intuition and follow it. I create everything in my life by unifying my thoughts with what I actually do want, then using all of these tools to do it. This year, I created my own beautiful Lover and my own jewellery range that started off as a little spark in the womb of my mind. Now it’s turned into @imperfectionthebrand, which I co-run with my lovely business partners Erin McGregor and Anna Fahy. Try it yourself for a month or two, and you will be absolutely amazed at the results. I know I am, all the time.

J x

Learn more about Judith here: judithmcadam.com.



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