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SOSAD: Saving Our Sons And Daughters

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‘Unity is the theme of our current issue … and we our sharing some resources to find that sense of togetherness in your community. Read on below!


Saving Our Sons And Daughters

SOSAD (Save Our Sons And Daughters) is a grassroots organisation founded by Peter Moroney. It began as a way for him and his family to get support after his son took his own life in 2003. There was no support available to him and his family at that time, and so began SOSAD, a community based registered charity that provides a range of responsive and effective supports to anyone affected by depression and or suicide.

Their mission is to help prevent suicide and improve the lives of all people affected by depression and suicide. Since 2007, SOSAD has worked to raise awareness and help prevent suicide in Ireland, working tirelessly in the community to help those in need feel supported and know they are not alone on their journey.  

SOSAD offer support and services for people who are struggling with suicidal ideation, self harming, depression, bereavement, stress and anxiety. “If you want to talk, we are here to listen. You can message us, call us, or call into our office.” Since 2007, SOSAD has increased to 6 branches, facilitating over 500 people with counselling and support services. SOSAD is dependent on the donations from the public to keep the lights on and ensure the services are available to anyone walking through their doors. They do not charge individuals for counselling or the literature they provide in schools and other public spaces. Their funding is to ensure there is a space for people to come to, for free and confidential support. Their mission is for every community to develop their own sense of security through positive mental wellbeing and suicide prevention through early intervention. 

“We value our volunteers as a source of our strength; enabling us to deliver the best care and support to our clients. We acknowledge the strength involved in reaching out and value the trust placed in us. We appreciate and value the support of you the public by donating to us; you allow us to continue to provide our services.“

If you would like to find out more about SOSAD and donate to this invaluable service, please follow the link to their website: sosadireland.ie

Instagram: sosadireland_official

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