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Our Winter 2021/22 issue has gone to print. In this issue we look at health optimising technologies– dive on in for a sneak peek!

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Health Optimizing Technologies with Lisa Morrissey

Living in the technology age, we have advanced in every aspect of our life and with that, medicine has also advanced. At Health Optimizing, founded by Lisa Morrissey in 2015, technology embodies its highest self; existing in service to health and well-being.

Lisa has had global recognition with many celebrity clients, professional athletes and even a Royal Princess. Lisa shares below how this amazing technology works for her clients; “The greatest issue people tend to have in general, is an overload of toxins in the body. We have more toxins in our environment and in food than ever before. The toxins can range from heavy metals to microorganisms, or even our own thoughts can create a toxic environment in the body. Toxins and a low vibration can cause for a sluggish lymphatic system, an over-worked liver and a tired thyroid, amongst many other adverse effects on the body.

“The focus is on supporting the body in its innate wisdom to self heal and self regulate…”

It can make you feel low in energy or low in mood, creating aches and a heaviness in the body. If you get a health screening using the technologies at the clinic, it is possible to see an exact picture of where somebody needs support, and to do up a custom made treatment plan specifically for that person. The technologies are based on quantum physics. The focus is on supporting the body in its innate wisdom to self heal and self regulate with some support, wherever it is needed. Health Optimizing boasts eight innovative technologies. One technology used is called Introspect. This is a quantum medical NLS analysis for finding cellular strain level, microorganisms, heavy metal toxicity and many other factors on a cellular level. It can scan each organ with a method similar to a molecular spectroscope and compare the results to a huge reference database.

There is no need for tissue samples from the patient, as this technology can test everything in a non- invasive way at the level of the brain stem. It also features a reprogramming therapy, giving the brain a blueprint for how the molecular movement and cell information should be. For testing psychosomatic, psychological, emotional and personality issues, the Health Optimizing team uses a unique voice analysis. The Voice Analysis Principle is: everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms does so on a vibratory basis. The team also has additional technologies for assessment of specific factors, such as the Heidelberg test. This is a gold standard test for the functions of the stomach and is an essential test for clients with digestive problems or gastric reflux.

When it comes to therapy, they have a comprehensive technology for stimulating the self-regulating mechanisms. This is called Scio. Scio can work on both our consciousness and our sub conscious and can harmonize us to the Schumann resonance. If it is discovered that you have microorganisms during the screening, the team can use a pulsed plasma ray technology called Rife Therapy. Health Optimizing has a wealth of experience with knowing which combination of therapies gives the best and fastest results. These therapies demonstrate daily that chronic and incurable diseases can often be resolved with help of the right combination of methodologies – by finding and removing the dysfunctions and then supporting the body in self healing and self regulating.” This is technology at its best, and a hugely exciting area of growth for health and healing. Lisa’s wealth of experience with these technologies means you are in very capable hands. There is so much more on offer than what could be covered here, so it’s definitely worth going online to find out more. 

Find out more about Lisa and her work here: Health Optimizing

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