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The Power of Cleansing

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Our summer issue is out now!

Orla Phelan teaches us helpful tips about cleansing the body & the many benefits it brings! 

Check out the article below…


The Magic of Cleansing

by Orla Phelan


Cleansing is about becoming clearer, healthier and happier! It offers you better energy, sleep and digestion, as well as a calmer nervous system and a more peaceful mind.

Cleanse summer tips!
Each year try and grow one new herb, plant or veg. Add herbs and spices to teas, dishes and salads for extra flavour and incredible health benefits. Nettles help hair growth and are anti-inflammatory. Dandelion is considered anti-aging, aids natural weight loss and supports the liver. Coriander helps detox heavy metals from the body.

Enjoy your water and consider a water filter. Water carries nutrients to your cells, supports digestion and helps flush the body of waste. It keeps your organs, including your skin and kidneys functioning well. It plays a crucial role in disease prevention, with studies showing that five glasses of water a day significantly reduced the chances of colon cancer by 45% and breast cancer by 79% in women.

Kickstart your day with a morning tonic; half a lemon or one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water helps digestion and keeps you regular.

Consider replacing the 11 am coffee with super greens. 1-2 teaspoons in your juice or water daily curb sugar cravings, cleanse the body and give you good energy.

Get juicing! We love juicing, and the health benefits are incredible. Puts a pep in your step and improves radiance. Celery, cucumber and lemon, as well as apple, carrot & beetroot (ABC), are favourites!

Grow some of your own organic veg. Enjoy a salad daily. Make your own ice cream. Have a massage. Nap. Breathe, observing the rise and fall of the chest. Love yourself and love your body. It responds to how you feel.

Wheat and sugar can cause indigestion, bloating and weight gain. Swap wheat for spelt, and you may well notice more energy and a flatter stomach.

Sugar and dairy combined are tough on the immune system, so avoid where you can. Vegan ice cream, anyone? Consider replacing processed sugar with Stevia, coconut sugar, honey and/or agave. Stevia, in particular, is cleanse-friendly and gives you sweetness without affecting blood sugars.

Try and get a 10-minute walk or jog in first thing in the morning. It will give you a chance to greet the day, elevate mood and improve your skin.

Huge benefits come from consistency. With any of these tips, one tends to notice the benefits within three days. Approach any cleanse tips from a place that feels experimental, fun and exciting. What appeals to you? How might you feel if you went sugar-free for five days, juiced for ten days in a row or had a morning tonic for four weeks? Pretty healthy and proud of yourself,
we imagine!

Walk barefoot on the grass and sit by a tree. This will help you clear stress and connect with the present moment. Of all the tips here, this is possibly the most important.

Wishing you a wonderful, loving, healthy and happy summer!


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