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Time to Retreat

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Our summer issue is out now!

Learn more about the gorgeous oasis that is Burren Yoga centre run by Dave Brocklebank. This yoga centre is unique due to Dave’s background in psychology & his passion to help others work towards their goals.

Check out the article below to learn more about Burren Yoga centre…


Time to Retreat

by Paul Congdon


You pack the car and immediately the chill factor sets in. You know you are about to break the pattern, the habits of this
current lifetime. The destination is the Burren, to stay at the Burren Yoga centre run by Dave Brocklebank. This is an oldie
but goldie, first opened in 1999 and one of the stalwarts of the Irish yoga scene.

Dave’s background was psychology, combined with a passion to help people to work towards their potential. He began
practicing meditation in 1978 at the age of 19 and believes this enabled him to get in touch with deep and subtle inner energies to follow his life’s work of inspiring and facilitating others to practice yoga and meditation.

The centre has now evolved into a luxurious Japanese-styled oasis that evokes peace on arrival and welcomes you into a
warm embrace. I arrive just in time for dinner on Friday evening and am fed and watered in a tasty and healthy way – salads and a warm dish plus plenty of tasty extras. Over dinner, relationships begin to form as you chat with your fellow yogis, and over tea and delicious healthy crumble for dessert, you feel your body ease more into the vibe.

After dinner, we head to our intro chat and first yoga class – as it’s evening time it’s Yoga Nidra. I have to stop the article here and say: This was a revelation. I had come across Nidra before, but on this occasion, it touched me in a very
powerful way.

During the session, I felt calmed in an extremely deep way and began to drift in and out of dreamlike states. It is so deep that afterwards there’s not much chat and everyone heads to bed as if in a trance. The rooms and beds are super comfortable and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m off into a relaxing and healing sleep, plus because of the Nidra my sleep feels a lot deeper.

Next morning, after a solid eight hours, I’m up and ready for my meditation and yoga class at 8am which sets us up for the
day. There is plenty of chat and explanation by the teacher so everybody feels catered for. Breakfast is simply delicious, with blueberry compote a star performer that takes my morning muesli to a whole other level. Next, it’s onto a hike around the surrounding area, followed by a lovely lunch in a local pub, then a cold dip in the sea for some of us, before some free time back at the centre for the afternoon.

If you are looking for a yoga retreat this summer, or simply some time to yourself, this place has it in spades. The hosts,
Dave and Erin, along with Eileen, the teacher, will all take care of you in a caring and non- intrusive way. I got a major reset in a most powerful way and the Yoga Nidra sessions have now become a part of my life, especially before sleep. There are plenty of resources online for this, but if you can find one locally there’s nothing like a live class.

To end, I’m just going to say, book it…and book it now! It’s time to break the pattern and recalibrate.



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