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Restore Your Health

by Persephone Kianka

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Learn about the array of healing benefits that Lumired ligh therapy has to offer!

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Restore Your Health

by Persephone Kianka


Light therapy has been used in the medical and scientific fields for decades to help with seasonal affectiveness disorder,
skin disorders, scarring and other health issues. Red Light Therapy (RLT), which was successfully used in the 1990s by scientists to grow plants in space, has also been found to aid in pain reduction and cellular growth in people.

When qualified physiotherapist Rory O’Neill first investigated the health benefits of Red Light Therapy, he was amazed by the results. His extensive research revealed that RLT could have “a soothing and restorative effect on the body’s cells, releasing tension and easing pain,” which led him to create LumiRed, Ireland’s first supplier of exceptional- quality RLT products.

LumiRed Light Therapy is an entirely drug-free treatment with no side effects that is scientifically proven to repair human cells. Furthermore, it can be safely administered at home using a Red Light Therapy device.

Even if a person has been suffering from a chronic condition for years, Red Light Devices have the potential to alleviate their symptoms and help the body by bringing their cells back to a healthy natural state.

So, how does it work? The therapy, supported by multiple medical studies, consists of using high-quality lamps that expose your skin to non-harmful levels of red light. This light is absorbed by mitochondria (the ‘energy factories’ of our cells), prompting a charging effect and accelerating healing in the skin and muscle tissue.

To achieve this, the red and near-infrared light (free from UV) that enters your skin and cells boosts adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the product of cellular respiration, which helps the body’s cells to repair any damage and rejuvenate.

With arthritis, for example, RLT reduces joint pain, enabling the person to achieve greater levels of physical activity and function. Infrared light reduces the swelling in joints, allowing greater freedom of movement. In addition, increased circulation brings healthy oxygenated blood and nutrients to the affected area, boosting the body’s natural healing process, while increased ATP production leads to increased cellular repair.

Red Light Therapy isn’t only for sufferers of chronic pain, however. It’s also been proven to benefit athletes, anyone who exercises regularly, or those in the process of losing weight.

We all know that weight training and increased muscle mass significantly help with weight loss. Red Light has been shown to increase muscle mass, leading to increased calorie turnover and improved body composition. RLT also improves blood flow, meaning your muscles receive more blood and perform better. Increased blood flow will also help muscle tissue to heal quicker and, thus, be able to endure more strain.

Given these benefits, it is unsurprising that athletes all over the world, from players in the NFL, NBA, Olympics, and even MMA fighters and boxers, use Red Light Therapy. It is quickly becoming a mainstay in professional gyms for those who train.

While the health professionals at LumiRed acknowledge that this therapy is not a cure-all, they “can confidently say that LumiRed’s product range effectively empowers your body to speed up and enhance its natural healing processes.” As a result, LumiRed Light Therapy is helping people to feel better in their bodies and to lead a healthier life every day.



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