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“Listening to how each part of you sounds by itself and how it plays together with other parts is a skill of sound alchemy.”

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Sound Alchemy

by Kamila Lukaszewicz


Our hearts and souls are the instruments of greater harmony.

In our heart, there is a beat that is unique to each one of us. In our soul, there is an innate note of creation that comes to play only once to the planet EARTH. It comes only one time in this sound arrangement of you with all you came here to be.
Listening to yourSELF and getting to know each frequency, vibration, tune and note are very useful skills to harmonise with all there is.

Listening to how each part of you sounds by itself and how it plays together with other parts is a skill of sound alchemy. Imagine for a moment that the whole of you is a musical performance of different instrumental sections. Your body, with its
organs, muscles, soft tissues and different systems, plays each a different tune. Then your heart plays its own music, your mind is humming its own melody, and your energies hold a particular frequency. It’s all ONE, as each cell is one by itself.

Now imagine that there is a way to cultivate inner harmony moment by moment. Knowing the tunes, opening the source of creative listening to the deep within, and mastering the inner frequencies helps in finding stability and balance in the ever-changing world around you. Once you and I are in harmony, each standing in our own unique light frequency, we play well with all there is.



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