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Autumn Vibes, 2012, Featuring Monk Cheong Wol

by Patrick

‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.’ ~ One of Albert Camus‘ inspirational quotes

Main Events


Monk Cheong Wol


Monk Cheong Wol, of the Pure Spirit Energy Centre, will facilitate numerous healing and teaching events in September. Both Mini and Weekend Energy Empowerment Seminars are for people to experience energy, clear their past and expand their aura. There’s also a Residential Weekend Seminar to clear your Karma and liberate your ancestors and increase positive thinking.



Baba Dez @ Buddha Bag Meeting

October 4th

On the spiritual/sexual shamanic path, everything in life becomes a meditation and a prayer. When we are able to honour, trust, communicate, and improve our skills as a lover, and focus our mind and body in the appropriate ways, a whole new world of possibilities and positive thinking opens. Baba Dez is coming to serve and support you in this process of total integration.




The Organic Trust

October 21st

Renowned organic horticulturalist and author Klaus Laitenberger will give a keynote speech about the benefits of organic food, at Camphill Community Organic Farm, Co Kildare. The Organic Trust’s new Press Officer, Gavin Lynch, will have an article in our next issue. National Organic Week is September 10th – 16th.



Hush Yoga

October 27th & 28th

For the first time in Ireland, worldwide recognized yoga master Andrei Ram will lead a magical journey, within the Self’s depths, to assist everyone’s self-realization process. He will teach how to develop a very practical use of the Yoga science. His classes are diverse, and equally fun and deep. All levels are welcome to all sessions.



Mind Body Spirit – Dublin

October 27th – 29th

Expand your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual horizons at this year’s Mind Body Spirit Festival, Dublin – a 3-day opportunity to discover more about the world of spiritual and holistic healing, self-development and positive thinking. The show features over 75 workshops/lectures on alternative subjects and healing practices presented by some of the world’s leading authors and speakers.



Deepak Chopra’s Spiritual Solutions

November 15th

It is within the potential of every human being to live an enriching, self-aware, magnificent life. There is a spiritual solution for every problem you face, whether it’s financial difficulties, relationship issues, health problems or spiritual dilemmas. Deepak Chopra’s books provide numerous inspirational quotes and teachings for all aspects of life. Deepak will share how to expand your awareness of “the true self,” where peace, clarity and wisdom serve as guides for positive thinking and positive action in times of crisis.



The National Botanic Gardens


This autumn, there are a whole host of great family events, including Sculpture in Context, Ireland’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition; The Big Draw – 2012 in Lines, an international event to encourage everyone to get drawing on National Tree Day; and the Halloween Decorated Pumpkin Competition & Exhibition.



What’s in Store?

Fairy Essences

These fairy sprays are individually created using elemental energy and organic essential oils. These symbols were channeled in deep meditation over time. When you’re feeling out of sorts, nervous or lacking in energy or inspiration, a spray or two on clothes or in the air around you followed by some slow, deep breaths can work wonders.




This probiotic mixture is guaranteed to be 800 times stronger than yogurt in the beneficial lactic acid content. Furthermore, it’s in a stable liquid form, which doesn’t lose its potency on the shelf. These homoeopathic nosodes, in a stable liquid concentrate of acidophilus, supplement and help our normal gut bacteria to function more efficiently.




The Neem tree is originally from India, where its beneficial properties have been well established for thousands of years. Only in recent years, however, has the international scientific community begun to recognise the potential of Neem. Neem shows promise for the treatment of numerous diseases and medical ailments, improving agricultural output, and improving the overall quality of life for mankind.




Salvestrols are natural compounds in the diet which are converted inside diseased cells, by a specific enzyme, into compounds that can destroy the diseased cell. They are part of a natural rescue mechanism, and have been voted “the No 1 big idea of the Year” in Health by Dr John Briffa. The formal definition of a Salvestrol is “a natural dietary anticancer prodrug.”



SuperLife Snacks

Along with their Smoothie Mix and Breakfast Topping, SuperLife now have super snack foods. Their Energy Snack is a great combination of Cacao Nibs, Mulberries & Hulled Hemp Seeds. Their Protein Snack has Cacao Nibs, Mulberries, Goji Berries Hulled Hemp Seeds. Both snack packs contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients, all in natural plant form.




Founded in 1991, the company began by selling magnetic fuel-saving devices for vehicles. When mechanics fitting these products noticed that their aches and pains improved, this theory was developed into bracelets and wristbands and the Bioflow brand was created. Magnetic therapy is complementary, non-invasive and 100% natural. Bioflow products are credited as a Class 1 medical device in Europe.



Here to Help


The Moneyless Manifesto

Having lived completely without money for 3 years in the UK, Donegal-born Mark Boyle set up an alternative economic system that now has local groups in over 160 countries. His first book, The Moneyless Man, is the story of his first year. His new book, The Moneyless Manifesto, is coming out in November (also releasing as a free online edition).



The Chronic Pain Detective

Pain anywhere in the body is telling us that something needs our attention. It is a natural function of a healthy body. The problem is when the pain continues for months or, even, years. John-David Biggs is here to help you identify the cause of such pain, and dissolve the effect of it.



Further Education


Institute of Beauty & Holistic Training

The study and practice of Beauty Therapy dates back to ancient times. Cleopatra was famed for bathing in milk to help keep her skin pale, soft and supple. The ancient people, men and women, used oils, perfumes and eye paints in their everyday life. Now you can learn these secrets and more in full- and part-time courses at IBHT.



Birds Ireland

Ireland is now recognised as one of the best birdwatching destinations in Europe. It has some of the largest breeding seabird colonies in the world, huge flocks of wintering shorebirds and wildfowl, and a dramatic autumn seabird passage. Birds Ireland has a whole host of birdwatching courses for all levels of enthusiasts this autumn.



Creative Competition

Calling all budding Filmmakers!

September 21st – 23rd

This year, Spirit of Folk will be running FILM FOLKUS, a competition for filmmakers to show off their talent and leave their creative mark. Applicants will be asked to write and direct a 2 minute short over the weekend of the festival. It must include falconry, archery, a Viking, and at least one cast member they don’t know.


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