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A Standing Ovation for Elizabeth Gilbert at the Dublin Writers Festival, By Elva Carri

by Admin
Dublin Writers Festival

Elizabeth Gilbert in conversation with Sinead Gleeson

By Elva Carri

I haven’t seen too many standing ovations in my life, but this was how the evening ended last night, at Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat Pray Love’, in conversation with Sinead Gleeson, an event that ran as part of the Dublin Writers Festival.

Dublin Writers Festival

Gilbert talked about her new book, ‘The Signature of All Things’, her childhood and background, ‘Eat Pray Love’ and more. Topics she discussed that seemed to touch a lot of hearts were her views on being a female writer in the world today and also how she spoke about encouraging creativity in the younger generations.

When asked what it was like to watch her book as film, she commented that it was “not an arduous task” to watch herself played by Julia Roberts on screen.

I had the joy of meeting with Elizabeth this morning so you can look forward to a beautiful piece on her in the Winter issue of Positive Life.  We’re featuring her as our Positive Personality and we couldn’t have picked a better woman. Even while waiting for her to arrive, her editor chatted warmly about how Elizabeth always manages to engage with everyone so fully, taking the time to say hello to everyone even on her way through airport security.

Listen to Elizabeth Gilbert read an excerpt from her new book below.

(Note: Some light shuffling at the start ends quickly after!)

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