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Crop Circle Codes – Deciphering the Message They Bring. By Geoff Fitzpatrick

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crop circles uk

Crop Circle Codes

By Geoff Fitzpatrick

crop circles uk

What do crop circles mean?

Deciphering the Message.

When it comes to crop circles the inevitable question “How are they made?” is unavoidable. Although important, this question has not been satisfactorily answered so my default position has always been to encourage people to look beyond this. The crop circle mystery begins to reveal its beauty when you cease asking, “How are they made?” and rather ask “What do they say?”

What do I mean by, “What do they say?” I often claim there are codes of information contained within crop circles. Let’s take an example of one that displays beauty in the most extraordinary way.

Crooked Soley 2002 saw the arrival of a most majestic formation. On first inspection it’s a DNA strand wrapped around a circle. When we look at how the DNA strand is made, the magic begins to emerge. The DNA part of the circle is actually made up of many little squares or ‘diamonds’. Similarly, the flattened crop is laid down in the same square/diamond effect.

When we look at the numbers, something very cool indeed transpires.

• 504 little squares make up the standing crop part of the DNA strand

• 792 little squares are flattened surrounding the DNA strand.

This is a clear reference to

• 5040 – The combined radius of the sun and moon in miles

• 7920 – The diameter of the earth in miles

These numbers create a circle and square of equal perimeter. Where the circle represents heaven and the square represents earth. Perhaps the presence of a human DNA strand in this formation is highlighting our unique position in the universe. One interpretation points to our standing midway between heaven and earth and perhaps our task is to engage in the synthesis of both!


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