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Boost Your Vision Board with the Power of Feng Shui, Amanda Collins

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attraction and creation

Mapping Your Dreams

By Amanda Collins

attraction and creation

Boost your vision board with the power of Feng Shui.

The Vision Board is an amazing tool to help align you with your deepest wishes and to inspire love to manifest in your life. You can create this powerful tool from images, words and the concepts of Feng Shui to join the power of Feng Shui with the Law of attraction into one dynamic board. Before you begin, sit quietly to meditate and envision your goals and dreams. Be truly compassionate, loving and authentic with yourself during the process of creating this sacred board. Even the process itself will bring clarity about your intentions and your self-knowledge.

What you’ll need

  • Cork board/poster board
  • Scissors
  • Magazines from travel, business, real estate, yoga
  • Glue/sticky tape
  • Computer and printer

Creating a vision board based on the Feng Shui principles

In Feng Shui, your home is divided into nine sectors called the Bagua Map. This map is an energy blueprint of your home and can be layered over your vision board to add more power to it. The map will boost the energy of each goal as you are directly relating it to the relevant life area. The areas of the Bagua begin at the top center section and move clockwise from there.

Creating your Bagua map

Top middle: Fame, recognition and how you share your light with the world

Upper right corner: Love/marriage, all relationships in your life

Mid right: Children, creativity, inner child and fertility

Lower right: Helpful people, travel, synchronicity

Lower middle: Career, life’s journey following your bliss

Lower left: Knowledge/self-cultivation, personal growth, meditative area, peace

Middle left hand: Family and community, deepening connection

Center: Health, unity and self-love

Upper Left corner: Wealth/prosperity and abundance

As you come out of your meditation, you are ready to create your board. Go through your magazines and tear out images that resonate with you. Your vision board might change as you are making it, so don’t become overly attached to certain images. Trust the divine process and know that what you attract is exactly what your soul needs for it evolution.

Amanda Collins

Add inspirational words specific to your goals. Words are very powerful; they turn ideas into action. The words should be written in the present tense and be positive. Have fun while creating your board. If specific pictures call to your imagination, search the Internet for the perfect image. When you feel deeply connected to your vision, your soul and your purpose, choose your favorite images and lay them on the board aligned with the your Bagua map. Eliminate any images that do not excite you. Add a beautiful, radiant picture of yourself to the center. As you create, feel your entire being open and align with your intentions.

Hang your vision board where you’ll see it everyday and allow the messages to go deeply into your subconscious. The wall across from your bed would be powerful placing as you’ll see your vision every morning and each night. Keep the board private from those entering your home, as you are planting seeds and until the roots are strong, it’s best to keep these tender shoots close to the heart and let the magic begin!

Amanda Collins will be teaching the Feng Shui Master Certification in Ireland in May 2014. internationalfengshuischool.com

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