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You Are Loved, By Dee Wallace

by Dee Wallace
Feel loved always

You Are Loved

Feel loved always

Clothe yourself in confidence.

By Dee Wallace

There seems to be a cycle of fear when it comes to the feeling of isolation or not belonging. I don’t belong because I judge > I create separation > I am alone > I am isolated. How do we overcome those feelings to create a more positive, comfortable state that can attract even more of those feelings in?

It can seem a daunting task to know we are safe and secure and part of everything and always taken care of. We have plenty of proof to the contrary. But yet we know that the belief always comes first and the apparent ‘truth’ has only been created by the original limiting belief. If that is true, it must follow that when we really change our perception to knowing we are safe and secure and taken care of, the ‘truth’ of that must emerge as our reality.

By saying and believing, “I am loved,” “I am never alone,” “I am safe and secure,” “I am blessed and supported,” we create the realities of just that, and create the lives we want. Which brings us back to love, Divine Love, which supports all of this. Divine Love is a choice, and we are honoured to have that choice, and we are honoured to make that choice. And that choice brings us to personal power.

We must claim our personal power to right the wrongs of perception that have haunted us. Will you stand with me and claim your personal power to choose Divine Love? Allow yourself to know that you are safe and secure and always taken care of. The personal power of the acceptance of yourself as the divine creator will end the fear of isolation. Beautiful souls, it is time to fly free! It is time to know: I Am the One. Which lovingly leads us to..

The Breakthrough?

The perceived outcome and expectation we hold, equals the outcome. That puts even more power back into our creation process.

The challenge is this: ?All our lives we have been telling ourselves lies that were passed down to us and that we accepted. The biggest lie is that we are not sovereign over our own creation and we have lived that as a truth and thus created proof of that lie as truth.

Now we are telling ourselves the real truth: I am sovereign over the creation of me. I am the One. And because it is new, we fear it is a lie but the truth is, the past is the lie. The ‘now awareness’ is the truth.

Dee Wallace

If you find an antiquated piece of clothing from the sixties hidden in your closet, you laugh, perhaps reminisce, and discard it as outdated and unusable. We need to do the same with any dis-empowered thoughts and perceptions. We need a new ‘Thought Wardrobe’!

Of course, one of those faded, unwearable thoughts is that we are not safe and secure in our power. Old shirts and dress beliefs! Appreciate when you wore them, and acknowledge they are outdated. Instead, welcome new thoughts that fit and suit the new consciousness of You.

“I benefit in a safe and secure way when I step into my Freedom. I am secure in this world to exercise and experience my power.”

The time is now. Regarding every thing you desire to create, what is your perceived outcome and expectation? That is the beginning of your power. Hold yourself firm in the joyful expectation of your successful creation and receivership.

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years. (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting.


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