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Yoga Dreams – Quietening the chatter of the monkey brain.

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Yoga Dreams

Ard nahoo retreat
Quietening the chatter of the monkey brain.

By Noeleen Tyrrell

One of my favourite sayings is that ‘Life is a gift, not a problem to be solved’. I find it so empowering to think that everything we encounter, whether it’s good or bad, is reaffirming that we are alive and that everything is an opportunity. It is not always easy to remember this when things get tough, but through the practice of heart centred yoga, we train ourselves to remember just how special and precious we and our lives on this planet are.

We all create our lives. Our thoughts create our actions and our actions define who we are and create our reality. We literally live our dreams. In yoga practice, we harness our thoughts so that we are consciously moving towards our goals and not blocking our path or getting in our own way. It allows us to find ‘head space’, quieten the chatter of the ‘monkey brain’ and instead listen to the ancient sound of our inner voice, the voice that comes from the deepest cave of our heart. You are more powerful than you can imagine and you deserve everything that you can dream of and more.

I have been teaching yoga for a long time and am still overwhelmed at how the practice can transform people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My invitation to you is to get on your mat and have the courage to listen to your heart and to live your dreams no matter what the odds.


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