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The Microbiome and Colonic Hydrotherapy

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We love this informative explanation of the microbiome and colonic hydrotherapy by Sarah Breslin, which featured in the Short and Sweet section of our Spring 2023 issue.  Keep reading to learn more…

The Microbiome and Colonic Hydrotherapy

Does It Wash Out The Good Bacteria?

By Sarah Breslin

The research into the microbiome is still in its early days. Only 500 species of microbes have been identified to date. Studies show that we are host to trillions of colonies of trillions of bacteria. These microbes populate the entire digestive tract. Not just the intestines. They regenerate themselves constantly.

It would seem impossible for a gentle flow of water to flush out every microbe inhabiting our intestines. Every endoscopy device now has a water flow attached to it which cleanses the walls as the scope progresses. If this were detrimental to the microbiome, it would hardly be the standard.

Also, in the 1990s, colonic irrigation was purchased by spas and salons without any training or understanding of its effects or knowledge of the digestive system or the microbiome. Often, clients may have been having treatments too frequently in order to make a profit for the business without any regard to whether it was best practice or in the best interest of the client. In this situation, overuse could lead to a diminished microbiome and lower immunity. This can be said of most things. It’s good to wash our hands, but washing them too often is detrimental.

Now thanks to rigorous training and in-depth study of anatomy and physiology, Colonic therapists are aware of the effects and only offer treatments after a comprehensive consultation, with sufficient time between treatments. Probiotics are usually given after treatments as a precaution, along with lifestyle and food recommendations. It makes sense to add the beneficial bacteria into a cleaner environment where they are more likely to thrive.


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