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Five Element Acupuncture

by Alison McEvoy

We love this piece on the power of five element acupuncture by editor Alison McEvoy, which featured in the Short and Sweet section of our Spring 2023 issue. Keep reading to learn more…

Five Element Acupuncture

Root Deeply Into Your Human, Self-Healing, Nature

By Alison McEvoy

I had been carrying certain emotional/energetic baggage from my recent past. It was only getting heavier, the longer I held it. I began to feel physical symptoms of stress and unwellness. I knew the root was emotional but I had no idea where to go or what to do to shift it. Nothing in my repertoire of self-healing was working.

I found Emilia’s five element acupuncture practice by pure chance – synchronicity, really. It was an answer to my seeking. When we call, the universe answers – it’s a beautiful thing.

Emilia’s treatment was dynamic and involved. She was constantly reading me, reading my pulse, my body’s signals (skin tone and the sound of my voice, for example) and the treatment kept going in new directions, led by the body.

Emilia works with new clients by first doing an energy cleanse, removing any “polluted energy” that may be circulating in the body. This is a set of needles placed down the back, targeting the yin organs which, by themselves, have no excretion routes for unwanted energy.

“In the past year I’ve seen so much polluted energy showing up to be drained. In general, clients who’ve had Covid or long Covid have had it worse than most. Once the treatment gets going we will be moving things around a lot and we want only good energies being passed around the body,” explained Emilia.

A major car wreck on a Colorado highway at 20 years of age, leaving Emilia in constant pain, was the catalyst for her own eventual discovery of five element acupuncture. She spent five years searching for relief, down both traditional and alternative medicine routes. At times, the hope of living pain-free slipped from her grasp. She was eventually referred to a five element acupuncturist. Six sessions later, she was transformed.

“It was mind blowing…something so physical but all my physical explorations didn’t work. And this person sticking needles in me nowhere near the pain site was actually helping me.” Not only did Emilia’s pain shift but she felt an emotional, energetic and spiritual awakening inside of her. “It was a light and a lift. The light came back in. I was 25 years old and I got my zest back and I didn’t even know it was missing. I was filled with energy.”

“We service our cars yearly. We fix what gets broken, rather than just keep on driving, but we don’t always do the same for our body – we can bring ourselves to the brink before taking action. Five element acupuncture is a way of looking after yourself, a lifestyle, a way to stay well.” Emilia meets you where you are at, on the brink, or wanting to stay well. I can’t recommend this lady highly enough.



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