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Our Spring Feature: The Universal Code – Numerologists discuss the 11:11 phenomenon. By Gráinne Tyndall

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The Universal Code


Numerologists discuss the 11:11 phenomenon.?

By Gráinne Tyndall

Have you been seeing the numbers 11:11 or 1:11 every time you look at your digital clock or computer? Are you continually seeing numbers in sequences like on car registration plates or on billboards? Do you have a favourite number that almost seems to follow you around?

As a Numerologist, I experienced countless (excuse the pun) clients asking about this phenomenon. When a number repeats, it is a cosmic signal. It is the Universe’s way of directing your attention to a major issue or theme that needs to be addressed or acknowledged. Scientists and researchers are taking a keen interest in this occurrence with regards to 11:11 and many feel the increased awareness of numbers is representative of a greater global consciousness and connection awakening.

The number 11 is the first of the Master Numbers in Numerology and relates to higher spiritual awareness and awakening. 11 represents intuition, and for me demonstrates the importance of male/female balance. Seeing 11:11, or 11s in general indicates you’re developing an awareness of synchronicity; your mind is opening, you are developing spiritual consciousness. You may notice yourself being more drawn to spirituality, science, metaphysics and nature. I decided that I wanted more information on this and had the opportunity to speak with world-renowned Numerologists Dan Millman and Margaret Neylon.

Dan Millman, numerologist and author of The Peaceful Warrior

Numerologist Dan Millman is the author of 16 books published in 29 languages. His works include ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’, ‘The Life You Were Born To Live’ and the upcoming ‘The Hidden School’ due to be published in 2016. Recently Millman and his wife decided to downsize and simplify their lives, giving up cars in favour of public transport, walking and bicycling. He prefers to live moment to moment with many projects going on – including facilitating a trampoline clinic for a circus school, as every 69-year-old man does!



I began by asking Millman about the life purpose system he uses in ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’. He derived it from a mentor in 1985 from just 20 pages of notes. He said initially, he found the method hugely beneficially to learn more about his family and friends and knew he had to share this ancient wisdom. He believes that Pythagoras was the true father of Numerology; which he taught in the Mystery Schools around 500 BC. These teachings were passed down verbally as it was a system that was considered sacred.

I was keen to find out if Millman felt there was a parallel with the 11:11 and conscious awakening phenomenon. He felt that this correlation was more to do with what we draw from it ourselves. He also rather bemusingly mentioned that he does not know if he actually believes in the system he promotes. His wife Joy shares the same viewpoint regarding her practice of Astrology, but wonders is this because she is a Capricorn! “Nothing actually has innate meaning. I believe we make up our meaning. We can read into things and draw our own wisdom from them; draw upon our own subconscious wisdom. They’re the training wheels for our own intuition.”

I questioned Millman on what one kernel of wisdom he would like to give to Positive Life readers. “Life comes to us in waves that we can neither predict nor control, but that we can learn to surf. Joy comes, and disappointment can equally come. Gaining insight to the innate value of the challenges of daily life is like spiritual weight training. We must be trusting the process of life unfolding.”

Would numbers play a bigger part in our shift? “People are looking for various ways of understanding themselves better regardless of the life path they choose,” he refers to years he calls ‘the trying 20s’, where we try any route, but can continue to do so into our later years, it can help us to know ourselves better. He notes that we shouldn’t use numbers as a crutch, but as a means to get to know ourselves better. In signing off he shared some wisdom from ‘The Laws of Spirt’, “Even when the sky appears at its darkest, know that the sun shines upon you, that love surrounds you, and that the pure Light within you will guide your way home. So trust the process of your life unfolding, and know with certainty, through the peaks and valleys of your journey, that your soul rests safe and secure in the arms of Spirit.’

Dan’ s final book of The Peaceful Warrior trilogy will be out in 2016. peacefulwarrior.com

Margaret Neylon, numerologist and author of ‘Angel Magic’

Margaret is the bestselling author of ‘Angel Magic’ and ‘It All Adds Up’. She has been working in the holistic healing field since the mid-90s, and has had weekly spots on Today FM with Ian Dempsey for many years.

When I asked Margaret about the number eleven, she told me she feels it is about our connection with earthly and heavenly planes; almost like having one foot on the earth and one in the heavens, as above so below. Many people born on the 11th day or with 11s in their date of birth may have possibly had a challenging time coming onto earth and therefore may have difficulty with remaining grounded, but an ability to connect easily with spirit. Seeing reoccurring 11s is also what she calls an ‘angel nudge’ for us to take notice of and be aware that this all boils down to the choices that we make. When I asked about her opinion on the increasing occurrences of the number 11, she said she felt that Numbers are symbols that existed before language. We each have an innate knowledge of what numbers mean and it activates an awareness of what we possibly are destined to experience. The year 2000 was particularly significant as the number 2 is about choices and about freeing ourselves of the shackles of dis-empowerment. In many ways in was a time of Renaissance where we began to make conscious choices about life on earth. margaretneylon.com

Numerology Low Down from Gráinne

If you are seeing:

111 = Major wake up call!
222 = Your dreams are manifesting so keep the faith.
333 = The Ascended Masters are close by helping you in all forms of Creative Expression.
444 = The Angels are near and supporting your dreams.
555 = Major life changes are coming!
666 = Balance thoughts between your material and emotional worlds.
777 = Believe in Miracles! It’s all happening for you.
888 = Harvest time…everything you have worked towards is here.
999 = End of a big phase in your life and time to continue healing and preparation.
000 = Your situations have come full circle with hidden blessings. Pray and give thanks.

The Meanings in 11:11

  • 11 is the first of the Master Numbers in Numerology.
  • Relates to higher spiritual awareness, awakening and intuition.
  • Demonstrates the importance of male/female balance.
  • The number one is representative of us, in essence we are all one.

Gráinne Tyndall is the resident Numerologist for both TV3 and 4FM, a regular columnist for Women’s Way Magazine and the bestselling author of ‘Angel Wisdom for Kids’. grainnetyndall.com

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