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Welcome Home – Creating a Space That Revives You. By Yvonne Skelly & Olivier Florian

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We’ve all been there, walked into a room where we feel we could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Everything that happens in a space leaves a residual imprint, and traumatic events in particular, whether known or unknown, can leave their mark.

When we started doing House Energy Clearing, we were amazed by the numerous stories of those who experience discomfort in the atmospheres of their homes. Often feelings that they can’t quite put their finger on a reason for. We see these as indications that the energy in a house needs to be cleared and balanced and to create a space that instead of holding people back, enables people to be in an optimum state of wellbeing and happiness. Your home is your sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation and you deserve for it to feel that way.

Our House Energy Clearing uses a unique blend of shamanic, sound and energy healing techniques to clear and re-energise a house with a more nurturing, energetic imprint that serves to benefit those who live in the space. The reason people call upon our assistance is varied and each clearing is a new adventure.

However, the results are similar – clear and transmute the energy that is creating any imbalance and then consciously imprint the space with divine energies and intentions such as love, joy, peace, laughter, calm, playfulness – whatever the home owner feels is the right energetic imprint for their journey in life.


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