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Battle of the Sexes? Unifying Sexual & Heart Energies. By Mick Sawtell

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Like so many people who have struggled in relationships, I have felt the need for healing in emotional and sexual areas and have attended various workshops and trainings for that purpose. These have usually felt beneficial at the time but a few weeks later, I’d find myself wondering, have I changed that much?

Issues had only ever marginally improved, if at all, until I met Deborah Anapol and discovered Pelvic Heart Integration. Big changes happened and are still happening. It’s a work in progress, but there is progress!

I learned techniques that release old hurts that were regularly being triggered. I’ve learned powerful breathing techniques that harmonise the connection between my heart and pelvic area. Previously, I knew that my sexual and heart energies needed to be more in harmony – but I didn’t know how.

The ‘ battle of the sexes’ is an external reflection of an internal battle between masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves that we internalised during our childhood. We feel responsible for the emotional state we are in, yet it is the result of the presence, or lack of presence, of masculine or feminine support received from our parents.

Pelvic Heart Integration offered me techniques that I use in my own practice as a Tantric Massage Therapist, but most importantly, I have found more clarity and harmony within myself and see this continue to be reflected in the honesty and harmony of my own relationships.

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