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An Organic Evolution, The Spiritual Insights of Kosi, Interviewed by Paul Congdon

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Kosi, who was born Jill L. Warner in Pennsylvania, grew up in the suburbs of McLean Virginia. She studied Fine Arts and established a successful career in computer science. However, feeling her success offered no lasting happiness, her spiritual quest began, leading her to many of the world’s most renowned teachers. Now she herself is a spiritual teacher, sharing how we can come to the freedom, peace and laughter that she says is ever present in the core of our being.

She ran a course in Dublin recently called ‘The Yoga of Now’, teaching participants to allow and surrender. “We’re used to following the mind, having an internal dialogue, but in this workshop everything is focussed on surrendering the powers of mind to this moment, to discover what’s actually here and not what we imagine is here.”

The three primary aspects of what she teaches are satsang or self-inquiry, silence, through meditation, and sound or mantras and she teaches much of this in her book, Organic Awakening. “I called the book Organic Awakening because the minute you recognise yourself as pure awareness, which is seeing the consciousness that is looking through your eyes, it’s like planting the seed of your attention into the infinite realm of your???? own heart, and that starts a natural, organic evolution of your consciousness. And so it’s effortless, just like a plant grows.”

She travels the world to teach these ideas and practices and will be in Ireland this September. If you don’t catch her here, check out one of her online meetings. kosi.co

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