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Connecting to the Cosmic Force

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Being With the Angels

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By Stewart Pearce Angels are ubiquitous, and being thus means they can be close to us with their loving comfort, providing succour in extraordinary ways – particularly when we toss and turn through the vicissitudes of life. If we can work in tandem with our own Guardian Angel, we are bound to evolve to a greater spiritual maturity, for their unceasing love is a conduit by which our own love can grow. Angels love for love’s sake, whereas we humans love for the sake of being loved; aligning with their flow means our love is enhanced a???? million times.

Perhaps you’ve felt how comforting your Guardian Angel can be when you’re feeling concerned, unwell, fearful or sad. Maybe you’ve seen the Archangels in heightened moments of life, for the Angels truly wish to be seen, whether they appear as human beings with wings, or as Orbs of intensely coloured plasma.

Being of Cosmic force they currently bring us solar energies that can increase our sensitivity, expand our light field and amplify our cellular energy, enabling us to move???? through this current phase of growth with the light of grace. Their rays are lifting the frequencies of our planetary domain, and augmenting the opening of powerful sonic vortices in the many dimensions. This is why the portals to the Angelic kingdom, Elemental domain and Ascended Masters realm are so open to us, and in unprecedented ways. We are giving birth to a new way of being, and if we live a sacred pathway of devotion and veneration, we stand a pretty good chance of becoming at one with these wondrous beings of light.

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