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A Message From Heaven – “Let Yourself Off the Hook”, Says NDE Author, Dr. Hensley

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Dr. Hensley’s message from heaven.

By Elva Carri

This is taken from the winter 2015/2016 issue of Positive Life. Subscribe | Stockists

Speaking to Dr. Mary Helen Hensley on the phone, she is chirpy, giggles at jokes with abandon and utter joy bubbles down the line. I wished I had more questions prepared than I did just to keep her on longer.

She’s the author of a recently published book, Promised by Heaven. It details her journey here on earth, her healing and psychic abilities and also her experience of heaven, following a car crash in 1996. If she could only share one message from heaven, what would it be? “Let yourself off the hook!” she exclaims assuredly, and goes on to explain further. “We’re too hard on ourselves, judging ourselves.” She encourages everyone to embrace all aspects of this human experience, the painful and difficult along with the pleasurable, and talks about her own difficult times as cornerstones of what make her who she is, “I love everything that’s ever happened to me.”

She also notes that, “You are what you love, and what you love is what you give your attention to.” From mindfulness and meditation, you may have learned a similar point before, that what we give our attention is often or always what becomes large in our lives, but seeing that we are what we love, yet we have the choice of what that love and attention gets focussed upon, is certainly a beautiful and helpful point to take away, and hold onto forever.


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