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Autumn Issue 2016 Short & Sweet: Shaman in Residence

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Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre

Female shaman portriat illustration.

Sandra Grey Wolf is the resident Shaman at Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre in County Wexford. Thirty years of doing healing work, ceremony and teaching Native American ways from an ancient lineage of those who walked in nature, she shares how to heal yourself through using the earth, and how to tune into it through mindful sitting in Creacon’s gardens.

People come from all over Ireland and beyond to experience her Oracle readings as she “throws the bones” on the Wheel of Life to help you understand yourself and your purpose here. She takes people on drumming journeys to meet and heal themselves through a deep soul retrieval experience. From nature to nurture, through her meditations with the elements, and her healing ways, she helps you understand why a hawk appeared to you, or a bear came into your dreams, and in the process shows you how all life is teaching you something every minute.

She utilises every therapeutic modality Creacon Lodge offers, to support and heal you. Juice Fasts and Food Is Medicine programmes become a Vision Quest, the sauna becomes a sweat lodge ceremony, through the body/mind therapies, massages, and yoga retreats you experience, she counsels you to connect with your inner teacher.

Being in the Irish countryside at Creacon, she helps you remember the ancient ways and again walk the path of life in a beautiful way. Come meet the Shaman over tea and she’ll read the tea leaves for you too.


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