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Summer Issue 2017 Short & Sweet: Keeping It Real with Natural Skin Care

by Alison McEvoy

Woman using moisturizing cream on her face

By Alison McEvoy

Born of the combined passion of its co-founders for genuine, natural skincare and fair principles, Lavera celebrates its thirtieth birthday this year. Co-founder Thomas Haas had suffered from the itchy skin condition, neurodermatitis, since he was a child.

He began his skincare journey by cultivating plants and developing formulae for natural products that might help
his skin. After ten years of research he launched the original company, Laverna. At around the same time, in Germany, Klara Ahlers had set up a natural cosmetics speciality retail business named Cremetopf (‘Cream Jar’). It wasn’t long before these two joined forces and in 1997 they set forth together as Lavera – ‘the real thing’ in Latin.

Lavera now produces a massive range of skincare products, from deodorants and make-up, to skin care for babies and children, which it ships to over forty countries worldwide. This global distribution thread remains rooted in the Hanover region in Germany, meaning that production can stay thoroughly regulated to ensure organic, cruelty-free and eco-friendly manufacturing standards are kept. Ingredients are also locally harvested in that region; “Some 300 organic extracts are obtained from natural sources such as flowers, freeze-dried fruits and herbs, hence a high level of quality control is possible, which has been confirmed many times by top ratings from independent testing bodies.”

Given their history of pioneering work in Germany, having been involved in the creation of the first certifying body
for natural cosmetics, NATRUE, and being the first world-wide producer of 100% mineral-based sun protection, Lavera will no doubt continue to grow and innovate over the decades to come.


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